MUA Makeup Academy

Pearl Eyeshadow


Alison M.

Bargain!! So cheap and great pigment stays on all day and is outin a great range of colours, definatly worth buying love it!! Doesnt smudge or crease! Presently surprised jus how good it was but i love it.

Victoria R.

I own quite a few MUA products, mostly eye shadows, but shade 12 is probably my favourite, I have heard that it's a dupe of Club by MAC, but I'm not sure, hell if I can get a dupe for £1 I will stick with that. I love wearing this for a quick every day look because it blends out so beautifully. I think this is something I will buy in bulk just so I always have it in case for some insane reason MUA discontinue it or something

Catherine F.

I love MUA eye shadows i used them for most of my make up videos and there absolutely amazing i love that they are affordable and come in a variety of shades ideal for creating all different kind of looks its definitively a must have if you dont want to spend too much on eye shadows MUA offers PLENTY of colors to chose from :)

Neala B.
Fab Highlighter

Cannot be beaten on price. I use this alot as an inner corner and brow highlighter. I also use it as a cheek highlighter and throw into my make-up bag for topping up during the day. Quick, easy to apply and very complementary on most skin tones.

Caity R.
Lovely shadows

The pearl finishes have a great pigmentation and colour pay off. The only problem I would say is that one of mine broke, so was unusable, but their pay off is stunning. I turned the broken one into a green polish.

Eva M.
incredibly cheap

I have a few MUA eyeshadows now as they're only £1! They're so incredibly cheap I wasn't expecting such a great product. It's not the best eyeshadow I've ever tried, but it stays on all day, has a nice texture and there are many colours to choose from. I am surprised at the quality of these eyeshadows and would definitely recommend them.

Munchy B.

I love this eye shadow. The light glittery pink is so subtle and elegant and sits so well on the eyelid. I use this for everyday and college etc...but also for nights out. You don't need to use a lot but if you want a thicker shade or brighter colour then you need to use quite a lot. Very reasonable price and worth the money!

Maha S.

Its a must have for high light and even as eye shadow .. amazingly pigmented! cant get over MUA. impressive quality and quantity . find all MUA products at Superdrug..