Sugar Lip Polish

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Cara Michelle H. Team
My Favorite Lip Scrub!

I was first introduced to Fresh Sugar Lip Polish when I was trying on lipstick colors at a makeup counter. My lips were embarrassingly dry and the lipstick looked horrible on my flakey lips! The associate who was helping me immediately recommended the Sugar Lip Polish and had me try it right there and then. After gently scrubbing it on and wiping it off with a damp paper towel, my lips were INSTANTLY smooth, soft, and free of any dry skin! It was an instant lip exfoliation! Also, as others have mentioned, it had really sweet and yummy taste (like brown sugar). Ironically, I ended up leaving with the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish rather than a lipstick.

The container may look really small, but it will actually last you a good amount of time (almost a year for me)! Each application requires only a small amount of the sugar formula and can be used about twice a week (or whenever needed). I find that the sugar scrub works best by using it right before you sleep and applying a lip balm directly after to maintain moisture in your lips. Out of all of the amazing Fresh products I've tried, this is one of my favorites and would recommend this to anyone who has dry lips!

Kassandra R.

Best thing ever!!! I'm in love with this not only does it smell and taste good but it makes your lips very soft and kissable. Best thing I have ever tryed... say good bye to harsh and dry lips. Never again will I go back to dry lips. :)

Erika W.
Must have for anyone who takes care of there lips

This is an amazing lip scrub that exfoliates very gently. I love it because it makes your lips soft and renews your lips after wearing lipstick daily! I didnt think it was pricey for $22.50 USD because the product goes a LONG way if you use it correctly. LOVE IT!

Soo N.
great product but pricey

I actually really like this lip scrub. It smells and tastes delicious (just like brown sugar) and a little bit goes a long way, so it should last you. It comes in a cute tub that's smooth and nice to hold. The product itself feels like sticky sugar in the small tub it comes in and then oily granulated sugar on your lips.

I have really sensitive skin/lips so I only use it a few times a week. The ingredients list a few oils so people who don't like their lips feeling oily/greasy probably won't like the aftereffects of this lip scrub. I personally love how my lips feel after a gentle rub of this stuff.

I didn't give it 5 stars because even though I like the product, the price tag is way too hefty. 22.50$ for 0.6 oz is pretty steep for something that can be homemade (mixing brown sugar and jojoba/olive oil) yourself. It is a good buy for lazies!

Victoria D.

I got a sample of this, and I really REALLY wanted to try it. But after using it at least a dozen times now, I don't really think it does ENOUGH. It smells great, and gently exfoliates, but my lips still feel dry and peely after I've used it, and followed with a lip balm. The actually exfoliating granules seem very sparse in the product itself. And using more, doesn't mean it works better. I love Fresh, but unfortunately, this was a mediocre product for me. I would definitely not pay the price to buy the full size of this.