Beauty Product Reviews

Amazing skin!

I had a sample of this from Sephora, and had really been wanting to try GlamGlow products! I was honestly not expecting this to really feel like it's working as much as it did. Super tingly (which might take you by surprise at first), but after you scrub and wash it off, it feels like you've got an entirely new surface of skin!


This mascara is AMAZING. Normally, I'm not impressed by high-end mascara, and unless I have a sample (which I did for this) I will buy drugstore mascaras instead. HOWEVER, this mascara literally gave my lashes everything they needed, and then some! It gave me amazing length and volume, and didn't clump on me. This is a high-end mascara that I WILL splurge for!


Whether you're a professional makeup artist, or you just do your own makeup, this palette is great. I've used it on makeup jobs, and I also use it for my own foundation daily! It's so much easier than putting products on the back of your hand, and cleaner! The wrist strap is elastic and adjustable, I have tiny wrists, and it doesn't spin or slide around once it's tightened. Super easy to wipe clean and move on to the next product too!

Cannot live without it!

This product has literally changed the way I do my brows FOREVER! The lightweight, gel-like pomade formula is so creamy, and glides on so easily with an angled brush. You can use it lightly to just define your brows and fill in patches, or you can go all out and create glamorous brows! This product is also waterproof, smudge-proof, and sweat-proof, so it's a summer MUST HAVE!


I LOVED the face primer in the Quercetin & Oak line, LOVED IT! I had a baby sample of this, so I decided to test it out. It's quite dry, but it DID help my shadow last longer vs. no primer at all, however, I discovered that soon after removing my makeup, I was developing an allergic reaction. This was the ONLY new thing I had tried that day, everything else I wore was a tried and true favorite for me, so it had to be this primer that I'm reacting too. Would not recommend especially if you're sensitive!

Holy $#*&!!!

I'm generally not impressed by mascaras. They all do the same general thing, some are much worst than others, some are okay, and some are acceptable. I was not expecting to really enjoy this mascara, but when I tried it, I just had no words for it. I've never tried a high end mascara that I actually loved, until I met this beauty. It's a complete package of lengthening, separating, and volumizing, with no clumping! Absolutely in love with this mascara. I will use my baby sample until it's run completely dry!!

You NEED this!

Seriously. You NEED this palette. I am a lover of all things Sugarpill, but this, is just the cherry on top of the sugarpill ice cream sundae. Not everyone enjoys rocking neon colored shadow on the daily basis, but this palette will appeal to your inner, smoking sexiness. These four colors are sultry jewel tones, that create just the most amazing smokey eye. Perfect for those Sugarpill fans that aren't exactly neon lovers!

Super gorgeous!

I have a little samples of all five Elektrocute shades, and I must say, they are absolutely outta this world! I know there are a lot of mixed reviews, some people loving them, and others hating them, but on my end, it's all love! Out of all of the shades, the most difficult to work with is Supercharged. That amazing glittery orange color. It's beautiful, but has the most fallout and in my opinion, is the least pigmented. All of these shades have a lot of fallout, so I recommend doing your eyes before your face if you're going to be using these babies. All in all, they're gorgeous, IF you're willing to put in the time to work with them. You will need a sticky base, or a glitter glue to get the most impact they were meant for! So take your time and experiment with them before tossing them to the curb!

Absolutely will repurchase!

I was looking into higher end mascaras for a while, pretty unsuccessfully. I took a trip to the drugstore and spotted this guy, and decided to give it a go, since I hadn't found anything high end that was amazing. Holy amazing. This mascara is everything I was ever looking for! It adds length and volume to my lashes, and absolutely does not clump on me. The only thing, I wish it gave me a LITTLE more volume, but, thats nothing a second coat doesn't fix! I will definitely, absolutely repurchase and recommend this mascara!

Cant get over it!

I cannot get over these glosses! They are so incredible and gorgeous, I could just stare at them in the tube for forever! There are three shades (that I've found so far), and they all look similar in the tube, but on the lips they each have a different color/effect. You can use them as an every day clearish lipgloss with a twist, or apply ontop of a darker color for a more intense, unique look! AND they're found at the drugstore! What more could you ask for!?

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