Quercetin & Oak Antiageing Eye Primer


Emily ann D.
Dry, Ineffective

I used a sample of this, and it was so dry it barely transferred onto the doe foot applicator or came out of the tube at all. What I did manage to get onto my skin had no extra locking power with my eyeshadows and actually muddied up my colors. It may have been a bad sample, I will hold out hope for that much.

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Victoria D.

I LOVED the face primer in the Quercetin & Oak line, LOVED IT! I had a baby sample of this, so I decided to test it out. It's quite dry, but it DID help my shadow last longer vs. no primer at all, however, I discovered that soon after removing my makeup, I was developing an allergic reaction. This was the ONLY new thing I had tried that day, everything else I wore was a tried and true favorite for me, so it had to be this primer that I'm reacting too. Would not recommend especially if you're sensitive!