YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment

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Theresa G.
Good but drying.

I decided to buy the travel size to try this out after a few years of the hype I decided to try it. I really like this product but for me the only time I will be using this will be in the summer time when I am oily. It strips all the oils from your face so if you have dry skin this product will not be the one.

Rachel anne M.
Good but messy

A great mask that leaves your skin soft and glowing. Unfortunately, it's also very, very messy! There are little bits of seaweed in it. It does a great job of clearing up your skin and messing up your sink! ;)

Krista P.
Helps with oily skin!

Love this, I took a shower and washed my face with my gentle daily cleanser and before moisturizing I used this mask, it burned like hell but only for the first few minutes, I wasn't expecting the sandy texture or the flakes because it looks so smooth in the jar, after 10 or so minutes I washed it off with a warm washcloth and rinsed with hot water, my skin was glowing immediately, LOVE this product. I have really oily skin, like my face is an oil slick after about an hour or two of wearing makeup, but I gotta say this really helped and I recommend this to anyone with oily skin and large pores. It'll help I swear!

Danny D.

This mask is my secret weapon when I feel like my skin needs an extra 'oomph'. It is truly a miracle worker and a must for your weekly skincare routine. You know how there's a thing you look forward to after a hard day's work that calms you and makes you ridiculously happy? Well this product is that for me. I love how it makes my skin smooth and luminous every time i wash it off. One cautionary thing I have to say about this product is if you are a Youthmud virgin, take it slow. My first experience with this product was pretty intense. It shocked me how vigorous the Tinglexfoliate treatment took effect. However, after the second try the following week, the intensity subdued but the results were still as potent as the last time.

Rocy R.
Not so much...

I didn't really like this one of the glam glow bunch. I find that it stings on my face and kinda burns. I know its suppose to tingle but it just burns on me. I would def. pass on this.

Sydney S.
So amazing

Ok I have very acne prone skin, so I have to be very careful with the products I use. I used this three time over the corse of three weeks and I had almost no more acne! In addition to softer and very healthy looking skin! The jist is this product is SO AWESOME!

Jacob L.

Glamglow was amazing for after shaving. It helped with acne, and ingrown hairs that some men get. I like this product best in fall and winter to give your skin that extra glow you need for with the sun is limited.

Victoria D.
Amazing skin!

I had a sample of this from Sephora, and had really been wanting to try GlamGlow products! I was honestly not expecting this to really feel like it's working as much as it did. Super tingly (which might take you by surprise at first), but after you scrub and wash it off, it feels like you've got an entirely new surface of skin!

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Mika H.

Ok let me let u how Amazingly Awsome this product is>>>> I have sensitive - acne prone - oliy t zone skin so I havta be careful with what I use and this has been a Game changer!! I use this once a wk and ya it tingles and stings a bit but that only means its working all of the antioxidants it's Goin to do that but I'd has made my pores smaller my skin way less oily and it's cleared up my acne Way more than what my doc gave me..... I am Soooo impressed with ths that's why I went back n bought the bigger size.... It hurts to be beautiful ...... No it just stings a bit!!!!!

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Sara T.

I love how smooth and flawless my skin feels after using this product. Compared to others, this mask is thick (which, regardless if the thickness helps or not, a thick mask feels like it's working more!) I don't use masks a lot, but I would slab this on if I'm feeling icky or imbalanced. If you try it and you love it, make sure you keep up with using it, because mine dried out after a couple months.

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