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HG Primer

This primer is absolutely amazing. I only use it when I am applying a full face of makeup. It keeps foundation and concealer from seeping into fine lines. And it keeps oil at bay ALL DAY! This primer makes your skin look perfect after applying foundation. It also has light reflecting particles in it which make the skin appear more luminous. I hope this primer is never discontinued!

Great for applying blush

I like this brush okay. However, I ONLY use it for applying blush or a highlighter because the brush hairs are so sparse it can not be used for anything else. The sparseness prevents you from over applying blush so I like that about it. It is very soft and feels featherlike against my skin. But if you are looking to use this for foundation, DON'T.

This was my first curling wand purchase and I must say it is great. I love the fact that you can adjust it to whatever temperature you like. And that you have to hold the power button for a few seconds before it turns off. This prevents accidentally turning it off in the middle of using it without knowing its off (HATE that!). It comes with a glove but I don't use it. The only thing I dont like is that it's so slick my hair tends to slide to the end of the barrel which makes the curls a little smaller. But it makes very nice curls in your hair which last for days without a touch up

Best lip Primer

This was my first time trying as lip primer. Now I can't go without it. Especially for my matte lipsticks. This makes the lipsticks go on so much smoother. It helps fill in the fine lines in your lips and prevents the color from seeping in to the lines after wearing for a while. It also keeps the lipstick in place and prevents it from wearing off

Great Multi purpose brush

This brush is awesome for everything! Great for blending eye shadows, concealer, contouring, everything. Its super soft and just as good as a Mac brush. And you can't beat the price

Great winter moisturizer

I just bought this and it works wonders for my hands. Now that its winter my hands get so dry and cracked. This leaves my hands like new. The balm is a little oily and can take a minute to fully absorb but once you get use to that its great!

Another must have lush product!

This product smells heavenly. My favorite so far from Lush! It leaves my skin feeling so silky after showering. The consistency is like a soft whipped soap which can be a little hard to use in the shower. So be careful not to drop it and lose product.

this is pretty amazing

This smells sooooo good. Like a rose but not old lady rose lol. It leaves your skin Huber soft after showering so you will not need lotion afterwards. I will definitely repurchase once I run out even though its a little on the pricey side

i like this

For the price of 3 bucks this is a great brush. I use it mainly for my mineralize powder products. There has been absolutely no shedding and it remains soft after washing it.

  • 7.5
Best Foundation From MAC

I recently bought this foundation because my Revlon Photoready ran out. I really liked that foundation outside of the slight glittery finish to it. I went to MAC to try out a foundation. I bought the Pro Longwear first in I think NC 50. Or maybe NW 44-45. I thought I liked it until it oxidized after wearing it for about an hour or two. It looked like I was wearing a mask. I liked the finish but the color just looked awful so I returned it. I went back and purchased the Matchmaster in 7.5. I had a hard time choosing between that and the 7.0 inside of the store. I went with the 7.5 got it home and swatched in on my hand and it appeared really dark so I thought about exchanging it for th 7.0. Then I tried in on my face and blended it out really well. It was the perfect match. I guess the technology of the translucent powders adjusted to my skintone and matched up really nicely. This does look alot like your skin but better. Its light enough to not feel like you have anything on but moderate enough to cover your small imperfections. What I like best is that it does not oxidize and turn too red, orange, or yellow. My skintone is mostly nuetral but has a slight yellow undertone. So most of the MAC foundations do not look good on me. And the SPF in it does not give you that awful gray cast look in photos. My skin tends to get oily throughout the day and this keeps the oil at bay. Overall I like this foundation and would recommend it to people that have oily skin.

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