Sonia Kashuk

Small Multi-Purpose Powder Brush

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Itesha M.
Great Multi purpose brush

This brush is awesome for everything! Great for blending eye shadows, concealer, contouring, everything. Its super soft and just as good as a Mac brush. And you can't beat the price

Julianne J.
Great brand, great brush

I got this brush along with a few others from her Kashuk Tools and Core Tools lines. I was directed to them by my makeup teacher when I was doing a makeup artistry class last summer at my nearest beauty school. I have her Core Tools concealer brush, Core Tools foundation brush and two brushes from the Kashuk Tools line- the brush I'm reviewing and another one not on her site- it has the same signature, ergonomical handle as the others in that line, with her signature engraved on the ferrule, but it has a thick, short, domed bundle of multicolored bristles. It has many uses too. When I first started using the small multi- purpose brush, I was only using it in my kit along side my Sorme brushes, not on my self to play with, and only for blending eye shadows. When I recently found it on the BL database and read the description, I felt like a dummy- how come I didn't find other creative uses for it? But instead I felt a leap of excitement, there's more to this brush than meets the eye (as well as the similar tufted top one!). I could easily see this brush as a fine tuned multi-tasker- navigating around nose creases to powder concealer, or to set under eye concealer. Since its so domed and tapered at the top, this could add a lovely, soft crease shade for a nude/natural eye look. I could maybe use this for brows, too. I'm sure I would have found uses for it on my own, but I also had all but forgotten my SK brushes in my Sorme kit- because I haven't been doing MU on other people, other than myself- I know I'm bad. So I dug my Sorme and SK brushes out, organized them beautifully in baby food jars, and voila! I can fully play and experiment with ALL my brushes. Its times like these I am so grateful this site exists- its full of cheat sheets and tips and tricks, so I know what this brush is capable of, even before I experiment with it. I love the handles and her cute, hidden signature. I used the brush with the thicker bundle as an all-over/one color shadow sweeper brush, but I'm sure I could find more uses. Both would be great for precise contour/highlighting/eye area highlighting with ultimate control, and who knows what else!

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