T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Curling Wand


Meechi S.
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absolutely LOVE this iron! i curled my hair one morning before work, worked, went home and slept..and BEHOLD! my curls were still pretty the next day :)! i have it in the 1/2-1in and in the 1-1 1/2in sizes :)) it has yet to disappoint. and its pretty and pink :3 and easy to learn. here's a picture of me at work that day :)

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Arianna Q.
Curls Stay!

I have REALLY thick hair and the curls that i get with a regular curling wand just doesn't stay for long and i have to use a ton of hairspray for it to stay then i get frustrated and throw my hair up. BUT WITH THIS I don't need hair spray at all to keep my curls/loose waves the way they look.! My fingers usually slip around positions when i curl my hair and sometimes i hit buttons so the lock on this is a favorite too. i love the different temps and how amazing your curls will come out!.

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Kathleen A.
Quick and Easy

Honestly I think this wand should be worth 100 bucks but it's only 20. I was very surprised of how amazing my curls turned out. I was expecting this to actually be a bad product and not curl my hair that easily but I thought wrong. It's the exact opposite.It doesn't take that long to curl, it leaves such beautiful perfect curls.

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Angelina C.
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this is just a picture for u guys to see wut i meant in my review right above this one sorry i didnt no yu can add pictures :) soo here it is !

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Mya Z.
Does the job
Photo of product included with review by Mya Z.

Okay so I have enough hair for about seven people. My hair is so thick and I absolutely love curling wands but not all do justice to my mane. This one is different, it keeps my curls steady and I can sleep on them, wake up, spray on a little dry shampoo and they're as, if not more perfect than the previous day. If you're looking for that defined beach wave look this and a little hair spray is all you need. Getting good at this is easy. Anyone can do it! It takes a little patience at the beginning to figure it out. Love love love. Wouldn't recommend anything else, and this is coming from someone who has a wicker basket full of different curling irons. (Picture is curls on second day)

Thalia M.

whenever I use this curling wand it leaves the curls in my hair throughout the whole day without hairspray. it heats up quickly and is very simple to use.

Zoie Z.
Love this

This product heats super fast. Depending on what you want, it can create super tight curls or super loose curls. Plus the look of iron is cute. I have super thick hair and it works great!

Micah L.

I absolutely love this product because this makes perfect spiral curls as well as loose beach waves. I use this on a daily basis and I love it so much!

Sami A.

This iron gives me tight curls that will last all through out the day and its hard to keep curls in my hair. This i dont even have to use hairspray! U can do tight or loose curls too!

Mariana Z.

I love this curling wand. It has a cute pink color and makes beautiful curls. I have the 1/2 inch and what I really love about it is that its very lightweight. In love!