Beauty Product Reviews

My eyes are in love

Amazing! Words can't describe how beautiful they look on your eyes. I brought three of them and I can't get enough of the three. I'm not big on neon colors just because its not my thing, but those neon colors are beautiful. I brought all the neutral colors, expect for bad to the bronze, because I can't find it anymore. The price is amazing, for amazing pigment, color, and easiness of the product. I love how you can apply it with your hands or a brush. Amazing product!


I saw this at ULTA and thought hmmm this is new...I have to try it. So I brought it and was disappointment. It made my lashes look like my lashes...nothing major. No false lash effect, but my regular lashes. I was rather shocked that I fall for the revlon trap on mascara. I never buy revlon, unless I have read in depth about a certain masara. Sometimes you win and sometimes you feel disappointment

Maybe I'm the only one

I didn't like this! I brought the green one, i was extremely disappointed. It made my lip extremely dry and it smelled awful to me. I tried it over and over again, hoping for better result but no changes. Won't buy this product again.

Don't judge a product from its look

It really does brightening your face! Anytime I use the product before I apply my makeup it makes my skin look flawless and beautiful. It really does make your skin glow. I didn't want to leave my other wipes but I'm glad I did because I would be stupid to go back. It takes your makeup off and hydrates your skin in the process. It worth the price and you will love it.

All over cleanser

I love this product. I know it sounds crazy but I use this to shave my legs, it keeps my legs soft and bump free. I buy two of these, one for my face, and one for my body. I love the way this product makes my face and body feel after a wash it helps my body maintain it natural glow and remains soft. I have dry skin on my face, so I do buy the oil formula so it puts moisture back (the lady at clinique told me that, I listened, and it works!). I love this product.


Not really sure if I have the right words for this mascara. I was hoping more from the company because I like the million lashes, but false does not deliver. It makes my lashes look less thick and makes my lashes look tiny. I probably won't buy another one because it just not worth it.


I buy this stuff in bulk! I use it on my body, my face, my lips and nothing can compare to it. I've tried other lotions and nothing can compare to this stuff. It keeps my skin super hydrated and healthy looking especially in the winter.


I brought this to give it a try. I love mascara and I want to keep trying as many mascaras that I can. Its suppose to be waterproof...thats a lie. It clumps my lashes....I will be returning this product.

Bronzer for legs..

I know this sounds crazy, I use the bronzer for my legs. after shaving I have a lot of bumps on my legs, so if I want beautiful legs I have to buy expensive airbrush stuff that last maybe a week depending on how many time a week you use it. I take my smooth skin with a big fluffy brush and start going to work on my legs. When I'm done I have smooth legs that look so natural and beautiful. I love this product and it last longer than anything airbrushed.

I love this product

I have always loved lip balms. Not a fan of lipstick or lipgloss, so I stick to the theory if its not broken don't try to fix it. I still use lip balm and I love it. I love the way these products feel on your lips...mines always feel extremely soft and smooth.

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