Beauty Product Reviews

love this product

This product is so amazing it smells so nice and its such a good moisturizer. Its does not enhance curls at all but it will keep your hair moistures through out the day I really love this product!

long wear and opaque

I absolutely love these nail polishes! I first got Stormy night which is plum taupe color and it was just so amazing I only used one swipe of the nail color and it was so pigmented. The nail polish lasts for a very long so I went back and got some more. So far I've worn these nail polishes for 4 days and the nail color still looks pretty good. I really like the brush on this nail polish and hands down this just became my favorite nail color. It is a bit pricey but you can usually get deals at CVS or Walgreens for buy one get one 50% off so you should try these soon cause they are amazing.

In this photo I'm wearing Stormy night

would never get anything else

I love this product I've tried loreal oil free makeup remover and it would always sting my eyes but this does not do that at all, I really like that this product removes all of my makeup even waterproof, the only thing is that even though this says its oil free this product is not OIL FREE but other than that I love this product

Love it!!!

I love Rimmel's moisture renew lipsticks they are very smooth on the lips and you do not need chap stick when you wear these lipsticks. I really love Vintage pink its one of the first lipsticks I purchased from Rimmel and I instantly fell in love this color its just and amazing color. Now because these lipsticks are not matte they do not last that long but these lipsticks are amazing for the price. here is a pic of me wearing Vintage pink it is not as bright has it appears on the pic but My lighting is very bright <3

I love these lipsticks they are so smooth on the lips and they give the right amount of shine. For me this is amuse have in my collection I can't go anywhere without wearing one of these lipsticks This me wearing Chaos

all around brush

I love this brush I use it all the time and its one of my brushes to use. I would never think of not doing my eye makeup without this bush. I recommend it to anyone starting out with makeup its just that amazing.

I really love this product every time I use this my hair feels so soft and it just amazes me every time. I use this as a deep conditioner and a leave in and it works wonders. The smell is very strong but it does smell good and I will purchase this again

Holy grail product

I really love this foundation it lasts such a long time and does not feel heavy on my skin. It feels so smooth and it gives me a flawless and natural look, I really love how this foundation feels and looks on my skin but it does dry fast so you must work with this quickly, but I really enjoy this product!

Cheap but amazing

I love using these nail polishes they are so amazing and I own quite a few of them. They have a nice brush to them and it is very long lasting I will definitely continue to buy this product

fast drying,glossy

I really love this top coat it drys very fast and it makes my nails look really glossy but if you don't use it for a while it can be gloppy when you use it again

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