Shea Moisture

Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie


Isabel M.
Smells divine, leaves my curls soft, shiny and defined!
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This is my holy grail !! I've spent a long time searching for a product that would work for my tri racial curls! It only takes a small glob to make my curls soft, Shiny, and uber defined! I love love love this ! I can't rave enough about it! I've bought and rebought this and I can't find a product that works better for my curls!

Emily B.

This product is amazing! It makes my hair soft, gives great bounce to my 3a curls! A little goes a long way, I used to spend a lot on styling products and I think this is better than some high end I used! Warning keep product away from roots, it will make it greasy. But still amazing!

Myrna P.
Leaves hair soft
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I love this product! I have thick curly hair. I had a pixie cut for years until I decided to grow it out 7 months ago. I needed something that would help my hair stay soft and maintain my curls. This product not only smells good but delivers. My curls look so pretty, healthy & smells great. Best of all, I am able to do this without my hair feeling hard and crunchy like it did when I used mousse. I never thought I would like a cream product. Two thumbs up!

Amanda D.
The best for curly girlies!

I received a free sample of this in a swag bag from an event and fell in love. It made my curls so smooth, defined and pretty. Plus, it smells like you just walked off the beach. I searched for for months at different Targets and what not, finally I found it at Wal-Greens for $9.99. Honestly, that's a little more than I prefer to spend on hair products, but this curl cream is worth it. I've receive more compliments on the look and smell of my curls! Haha!

Amanda R.
Stay fresh and moisturized 24/7!!!

This hair smoothie smells absolutely amazing! When i use it, people stop and ask what i have on that smells so good. It's insane! The smell is out of this world amazing. It's kind of like a coconut/chocolate sort of smell to it.

How effective? Pretty effective. Get's the job done. I usually apply it to my hair after I wash it and then i braid my hair and for the next two days it will look great and it'll look very natural and wavy yet tamed. I am super satisfied with this product.

Can be found at CVS and Duane Reade (that's where I've bought it).

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Marie N.

I love love love this hair product. It's amazing, not too greasy or anything, just the right type of moisture. It truly does make your hair shine & leaves your frizz to a minimum. I actually never have frizz. I usually use this once in the morning time, & that's enough. Leaves your hair w| a radiant look and feeling. I love this product line. All of their products are amazing & leaves your hair silky smooth.

Elle F.

This is one of my holy grail products. I do not move without it. I am so stuck on their line of products right now. I usually cowash with one of their conditioners and then while its damp I apply extra virgin coconut oil then this on top and do some protective styling with twists. When I take my twist down my hair is always like butter! So soft and silky.

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Jessika B.

I absolutely love this line of products.. its all I wear when I wear my hair curly. It smells so nice and really helps with dryness. It is really thick so make sure to use a small amount and add more little by little.

Alexis W.

I love this stuff. I use it for my twist outs and my curls come out beautiful. It smells amazing and it moisturizes really well. The first time i used it my hair was kept the moisture and smell for a few days. I'm glad i decided to try this.

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Dajuanna S.
love this product

This product is so amazing it smells so nice and its such a good moisturizer. Its does not enhance curls at all but it will keep your hair moistures through out the day I really love this product!