Beauty Product Reviews

Escada's Summer Heat!!!!

Top 3!!! A boyfriend of mine got this for me, he knew how much I loved perfumes. So one day he surprised me with this, I loved it not just because he gave it to me as a gift, but because the smell is so summery and perfect for any daytime occasion! I prefer to use it in the Spring/Summer time. I use it 'til this day. The name is perfect btw "SUMMER HEAT"

Top 2 on my list!!! I loved this one too, one day I went shopping and as I was walking by, someone had sprayed it, I feel in love with the smell and had to get it for my collection of perfumes!!! Definetely sexy and sensual! My guy friends love it! Your boyfriends will love the smell on you, and it will make you feel so secure when you walk by! ;)

OMG!!! When this came out.. I just had to get it. I love the smell!!!!!! I can't go one day without smelling great ;) this....... my favorite, top ONE in my top 5 list!!!! I would die if Burberry discontinued it!!!! I bought I couple extra ones just in case haha!! Try it!!

Try it!!

I started selling Mary Kay, and the first thing I heard was get the Eye Makeup Remover! So I did and I really really really like how soft it is and how fast it gets my mascara off, I use waterproof so it takes me a little longer to get it off and all of it, of course. So I really like it! Must try it!!!

I have used this before, I like it! Worked for my skin, didn't make me break out or anything, so all you ladies might like it, if you decide to try it! Helped my foundation stay longer and it helped even out my tone!

This would be the only thing I hate about Proactiv, for some reason if I have a little bump and put it on, it just makes it worse, I don't like it.. I think it might be too strong for my kind of skin. It makes me peel and a couple have turned into light brown spots. So I had to get other products to make it go away! I do recommend but you can try it out for yourself might work for you!

My favorite Moisturizer! I love the feel of it, the freshness that leaves on my skin.. is amazing! So light and refreshing.. Get it!!! ;) Plus I love green tea so it's great!

I used to break out and pretty much tried every product out there but finally decided to try Proactiv, it worked for me! I like how it makes my skin feel after I follow all of the steps.. so far, the only thing that worked!

Can't go one day without this Oil!

My favorite by far... I love the smell, how it makes my skin so soft and shiny. If you love and want soft skin, must get it, it's perfect! But put on your favorite body lotion before, we never know some people may be allergic to this product, I do that, so just a recommendation! :)

My favorite!!

I must say I love putting this on before I put on my foundation, makes my skin look perfect and to me.... my makeup stays on longer! I can't seem to get enough of it. I love the smooth feeling it leaves after I put a little bit on!

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