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Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover

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Luna V.

I'll admit: I use this mostly because my mother is a Mary Kay sales person and I can get it ridiculously discounted. But it is good stuff, and I find myself going back to it over and over.

I wear a lot of heavily pigmented eyeshadows that are a bear to get off (especially reds and bright pinks), as well as coats upon coats of mascara and tons of eyeliner. But this stuff really goes to work--I tend to soak a cotton ball with it and hold it to my lid for a few moments before gently pulling it away. It takes no more than two or three swipes to get even the most stubborn colour off, with some concentration in difficult areas (like underneath the eye, in the corners, etc).

Word of warning: don't get this in your eye. It does sting, and will cloud your vision for a bit.

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Tashina M.

I gave this a lower rating because I don't like this as an eye makeup remover. It makes my eyes feel greasy even though it's oil free. It feels heavy and just blah on my skin.

However... I love this to clean my makeup brushes. I squirt some in a cup and swish my brushes around in it for a few seconds and wrinse before I clean them with a little shampoo. It really gets a ton of makeup off so easily. Especially my foundation brushes, you know how the liquid kind really clings to brushes and is hard to get all the way off. It's no match for this stuff.

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Ellen M.
So amazing!

I love this stuff so much! It has everything I want in an eye makeup remover, fragrance free, easy to use, doesn't leave my skin dry, gentle on delicate skin, and most importantly it removes the makeup. All types of make up! Waterproof and long wear stand no chance to this stuff. It's even the only product I use to gently and quickly remove false eyelashes, it dissolves the glue like nothing and doesn't hurt or dry out a single lash. I even use this to clean makeup off my sink when I drop mascara wand because cleaners can never seem to get it up. If you wear multiple coats of mascara you will have to be a little patent and just hold the cotton pad with remover to your eye for a minute to let the stuff work it's magic, then wipe away. Now that I think about it, it's time to reorder some.

Sarah B.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff

I never really took my eye makeup off (except in the shower) until I became a mary kay consultant. The first time I used this eye makeup remover I knew I would always take my eye makeup off. For one, dust mites feed on mascara. (yuck) second it helps eliminate the morning gunk in your eyes. third it took permanent marker off the kids :)....since this eye makeup remover uses silicon instead of oil it leaves your skin silky smooth. it is also helpful for getting off stubborn halloween makeup!

Maria frank D.
no more left over eye make up

I love this makeup remover one of my best sellers try now order your own this set is wat got me hooked on marykay I love the way you skin feels after just 1 use amazeing if you want to try mary kay here is my website get samples for free refer a friend and get free products with purchase

Danisha F.

I have been a consultant now for about 5 months and let me tell you it is amazing and it doesn't leave your lashes with any sort of greasy feeling to it. It was revamped not that long ago and it conditions lashes at the same time as safely removes. During my parties when my girls are trying out different lip colors I also have them use the product on their lips so they can see the true color results without tugging at their lips to remove the previous product. I swear by it and I switched my previous product which was the Estee Lauder remover after trying it out personally. Plus it is suitable for people who often wear contact lenses which is a plus for me because oil on my lenses is a major issue. When used at a moderate rate and with moderate amounts it has been given a use up rate of 4 months at a low $15! Once again I dont think there are many other products out there that can beat that and if there are please let me know so that I might also try it for myself.

Karissa A.
The best on the market

I've used this make up remover ever since I started wearing make up. My mother used to use it, and still does! It removes literally everything with no tugging or burning. The price may be a bit much for some, but totally well worth it!

Sheena J.
Best eye makeup remover

This is by FAR my favorite eye makeup remover I've ever had. I've been using it faithfully for about 6 years and would not switch. It easily takes off your eye makeup without pulling or tugging. It doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes one bit. Works great and lasts forever! Plus I like shaking it up before using it!

Malia L.

I've only used 2 eye makeup removers and this one tops. It's a breeze to get your eye makeup off, all thanks to this. Your eye are is extremely delicate, and this is a gentle removes with tugging or pulling. It even works on waterproof mascara!

Erika A.
Best Make-up remover

I have been using this product for a couple of weeks when I started MK! I had to buy my own.. I love how easy it is to take off. I don't have a dried out feeling either. I have Combo skin...