Refining Mask

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Kaitlin W.

It's okay I thought it was an oatmeal mask the first time I used it turns out it's sulfur. I used over night on some pimples I think it's those products you use for like a week or something. I don't know if it will work for you but for me it's ok and works ok as well

Roxanne M.

I really do like this mask. But I believe the main ingredient that is awesome is the sulfur, and you can buy sulfur masks a lot cheaper in store. Pros: Drys acne especially with spot leave on treatment Makes poors appear smaller Refines the skin surface Evens tone Cons: Horrible smell that won't even go away after you wash it off stings And as others have noted it does sometimes make pimples worse..somehow Expensive Like I can buy sulfur masks at drugstores for a lot less that have the same affects and less harsh smell.

Mel B.

I use this as an overnight spot treatment more often than I do as a full face mask, and I LOVE it! It really dries up those big, painful zits overnight! Best spot treatment I've ever used. The mall near my home has, believe it or not, a Proactiv vending machine- and you can buy the steps individually, so that's where I pick this up without having to buy the entire kit.

Cessy B.
the only proactive product that works for me

Use this as a facial mask at least once a week to prevent breakouts. You can also spot treat your pimples with this and leave over night to dry them up. It doesn't burn, but it does smell kinda funny. But who cares??? it works. i just wish Proactive would sell this product without purchasing the whole 3-step kit.

Hurley C.

it makes your skin so soft afterward and is great for fast pimple relief! its a great face mask and i suggest using it in the bath. its perfect for sensitive skin because its not harsh! when i run out, ill be getting more for sure.

Arielle N.

I forget how I acquired this, something a family friend was getting rid of. I so wish I had more, because this stuff is fabulous!! I was a bit weary, because I used Proactive years ago when it was first getting big and it was beyond irritating. Literally, dried out and burnt my skin so badly. It hurt & it was a pain to wash the cleanser off. But this mask does a lot to heal blemishes even overnight. I think it's fantastic! Not irritating, either, which is always a plus. lol.

Sarah M.
Works Wonders

This is really the only proactiv product I would continue to buy. The complete system did little for my skin, but I notice immediate results with this mask. The smell is not great, but if you put it on overnight and wash your face in the morning then no worries. I use it when I begin to break out, and it seems to balance my skin out again.

Emily V.
It works.

I've used this product for about four years and I still stand by it! By far an amazing product if you are prone to random breakouts once in a while. My skin is fairly dry but oily in some areas, whenever I feel a pimple surfacing I literally dab a ltitle of this cream on it, leave it over night and in the morning there is a noticeable difference! This cream will either draw out the pimple or simply make it go away. It does not dry out or irritate my skin.

Rose M.

Perfect to leave on overnight after cleansing your face. I noticed a reduction in size and inflammation when I apply this product. I only use this as a spot treatment because applying this as a mask can be drying! I always apply a hydrating moisturizer when I remove this product off my face in the morning to prevent irritation.

Lynn R.
good product

I've had this product for a while and it still works. I only bought this, not the whole proactive kit because my friend had a really bad experience with the set. Way too drying and her skin was pretty normal beforehand (besides acne). Anyway, I bought this and I like it. It works well for me but I only get scattered pimples here and there. It has sulfur in it so it kind of stinks haha