Rimmel London

Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer


Maryam B.

If you're on a tight budget and need a good primer I recommend this, doesn't make me oily at all and keeps my foundation all all day! Definitely recommend for those with a strict budget.

angel s.

It feels like lotion, not primer, and does absolutely nothing for my foundation. It feels like a tight film on the skin, and it was something I quickly threw in the trash.

Hannah F.

This is a really good foundation primer , it lasts for ages and you only need a small amount . It makes you foundation go on so much smoother and it definitely makes your foundation stay on longer . I would define lay recommend this to friends.

Vanessa W.

works great! i hear a lot of good reviews on this so i tried it out. it feels really light and get absorbed by the skin which i love. it def keeps my foundation lasting significantly longer than with some other drugstore primers I've tried (revlon, hard candy) i recommend this one! it's affordable tooo :)

Lysette A.

Hello All, Im here with another review of a beauty product that I just started using. Its the Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer. I used it couple of times so far and i really like how smooth it goes on. It says its suppose it go on smooth and minimizes pores. I really don’t feel like it minimizes pores but it definitely goes on smoothly. For those who don’t know what a foundation primer are used for is too keep your foundation long lasting. I definitely feel like this product has the long lasting effect. The product itself when it comes form the tube is an orangey salmon-like color. However, this product does goes on invisible once you blend it into your skin. This product you can find it at your local drugstore i.e, Walgreens, & CVS. This product runs for about $7.99, i guess it depends where you live at. The tube is 1 fl. oz. so there not that much product. For being a drugstore i think it’s really convenient. Prior to using this product, i was using the Sephora Anti-Shine Primer. It runs for about $18.oo & has the same amount of product. I prefer the rimmel london for the sephora brand because you get the same amount for product for less and the it goes on smoothly. Now not to knock the sephora brand but it does not goes on smoothly makes my face feel very dry, yet it does work as far as staying power. Pros-makes foundation long lasting, goes on smoothly, inexpensive & convenient. Cons- not enough product,& the color of the product. Feel free to comment on this product if you have used it or if you’re interested in using. Thanks for reading!!!

Julianne J.
Gave it a second chance and was pleased!

When I started getting even more into makeup I got obsessed with primers (still almost clueless with foundation). I don't really like silicone-y primers or ones that feel oily/greasy. This one is almost like a moisturizer- I love face products that are wettish/creamy but dry down and leave skin relatively smooth. I at first didn't really care for it- maybe because I didn't know how well it performed with foundation and at the time I didn't really need it with my TM's and American BB's. Now that I'm really into Rimmel London's Lasting Finish 25 Hr. Foundation this comes in handy quite well. Even though the foundation claims to have an "Aqua Primer" built in this primer works great underneath. I might have been a little wary of the orange-y color when I first tried the primer- but its not too noticeable blended into skin, and definitely not noticeable under the super amazing coverage of the foundation. This primer is also the same size/amt. as the foundation, so they make a great pair (even though I've used the foundation more). This goes to show you that if you might be uncertain/not into a product you buy, hold onto it for a bit because you never know when it'll come into play later and be super helpful. I might repurchase this as a backup primer for any future Rimmel London foundations I'm bound to be getting. I've tried other drugstore ones and will probably get around to using them, but so far, this little guy is a great partner with my current foundation. It might not be amazing on its own, but it doesn't hurt to have laying around.

gee m.

This is a good reasonable price face primer. The Rimmel primer has a peach color tint to it which is said to be great for neutralizing the skin color to minimize the appearance of under-eye circles, age spots, dark spots and freckles I have neither so I cannot speak much on that. I do feel like the primer helps even out my skin tone and it does make my foundation go on smoother but I don’t really see it doing anything for my pores. It’s a pretty good face primer that I will continue to purchase.

Megan M.
It does the job.

I never buy much Rimmel London makeup, but I saw this primer around Christmas of 2011 and I have been using it ever since. It blends on your skin flawlessly and is light and airy. It has a weird smell, not bad, but just a unexplainable smell. I used 001 and it comes out as a bright pumpkin orange although when you blend it it blends into your skin leaving you without orange skin.It probably won't change your life but it feels nice and it's drug store cheap! Overall, I think it's a good product for the price. Would I buy it again? I probably will not (I'm not run out yet :) for a while since I like to try new products all the time, but I would recommend it to anyone looking for an inexpensive primer that works.

Virginia A.
My new faveorite primer!

I am obsessed with primers, and I cant believe I waited so long to try this primer out! I love how easily it blends and absorbs in the skin and it really does help my makeup last longer. This primer has a tint to it but once blended out the color fades away, it leaves my skin with a almost matte finish and my foundation goes on smoothly. I have been using mostly silicone based primers such as Bare Minerals Prime Time and Smashbox Photofinish primers and the consistency of this primers is creamy but not thick its definitely not like the primers I mentioned, I have oily skin and sometimes silicone primers don't work well with me especially in summer so this is a great alternative to those primers especially in the summer.

Meg M.
Does the job

It's a pretty decent primer in regards to the longevity. I do like it in that regards. I prefer silicone based primers since I feel like my foundation blends flawlessly over my skin. This one feels more like a moisturizer with primer in it. But it does work, and it's affordable. I would recommend it.