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I don't love it, and i don't hate it. If this was only a volumizing mascara I'd hate it. But the lengthening is great! I love that part, Overall... not super impressed, probly wouldnt buy this product again, but in the mean time I'll use it till its gone.

A Steal

I bought the bonus sized bottle from nordstrom, it's an awesome deal. I love this moisturizer, I always come back to it if I stop using it and I havent had to repurchase yet due to buying the big bottle, it lasts forever! I have incredibly sensitive skin, and no matter how upset my skin is, or whats going on with it, I can always count on using this and keeping my dryness at bay, it leaves my skin super soft and moisturized. I absolutely love it. I was using tazorac for a while, and if you've ever used that you makes your skin INSANELY sensitive(or maybe it's just me lol). But even putting make up on after using that acne medication burned! this never burned, it was quite soothing. It never leaves a residue like feeling on my skin, my skin drinks this stuff right up. Can't say enough good things about it.


I love that this fragrance is a stronger fragrance, it's strong without being over the top and cloying. I absolutely feel sexier wearing this fragrance. I was immediately draw to this one specifically seeing as out of the group of crescent row fragrances this was the only one that had some deeper notes. I like that it has a little kick to it.It's spicier. It has notes of "Pink Pepper, Bergamot, Tangerine, Peony, Wild Raspberry, White Lily, Patchouli, Tonka Bean, Vanilla Bean" I love that the dry down has vanilla bean in it, it's comforting, and warm, and it really is a great anytime fragrance. The lasting ability on my skin wears a long time.


I used to love this concealer, i thought it was AMAZING. However overtime I duno if the formula changed or what, but i find it creases, sometimes it can look heavy..wether I put it on with a finger and try to get the warmth of my fingers to help, or a concealer brush. I can't use it under my eyes, it creases, within like less than an hour. I will say it's amazing at covering up things in other areas, redness, hyper pigmentation,etc. I love the coverage, but not so much the formula.

my go to product for everyday

I decided to try this on a whim, I wasn't sure I believed the description, and I have to say I've had this for a really long time, and I almost never put any make up on without setting it with this powder. It's amazing, if I have foundation on that feels like it's not going to set, or it's overly moisturizing, I put this powder on top and it feels normal. If I'm having a more oily day I put this on and it helps, I don't even need to put this on top of make up it just feels great, it gives my skin a silky feeling, it's really nice. It's a noticeable difference in the way my skin feels. If I'm having a really dry skin day and I put this on, it doesn't make the dry areas more noticeable or anything.

A really good deal

So I love the variety of colors, but they're creamy, and i thought when i was swatching them "oh no... this is gonna crease even if it says it's long lasting.." and it doesn't budge! I have oily eyelids, and I get hot really easy, and even if I'm sweating this stuff does not budge at all. I can get a solid 10 hours out of these, its amazing! I'm completely in love with these, I even shared them with my mom and she was really impressed with them. I can't say enough good things about these, and the price is insanely awesome for this collection, def. pick it up!

long lasting

I love how long lasting this is, without giving me a dry feeling to my lips, its soo nice,and it stays vibrant the entire time you wear it until you take it off. It's really minty which I love, and I love red lips this is a favorite of mine, you get a really beautiful red that isnt overly drying or anything like that. LOVE!

Firstly this smells amazing, second the color is super intimidating, but goes on really sheer, and you can build it up, I don't apply it to my skin from the packaging, I use a foundation brush to pick up the product and apply to my cheeks( I use a synthetic bristle brush btw,extremely soft). and it applies and blends like a dream. Giving you a natural flush thats really pretty. I really really like this!

I can take it or leave it

I really wanted to like this more then I do. I really dislike products that crease on me, I can't use this in my eye area without it creasing. however, the colors are beautiful, I love argan anything,esp. from josie maran. And the colors if used other areas like your lips, cheeks, cheekbones, brow bone they show up great, they're subtle but you can build them up,etc. it's a decent product, but I wouldn't go out of my way to repurchase this item.

this is the best product ever

I don't have anything that gets as much use as this product, cold weather, hot weather, doesnt matter you can use this product, anywhere on your body really. I was using an acne medication cream called tazorac and it really made my skin beyond sensitive, to the point of regular moisturizers just burned me so bad I almost couldnt wear any. But this was the only thing saving my skin, it has no fragrance(imo), and it doesnt have anything in it that is irritating what so ever, I could put this on and it was almost calming for my skin, my skin drinks this stuff up like no tomorrow. I absolutely LOVE this product.

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