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I've never used a moisturizer so amazing before..

I picked this up, on sheer luck, it came in a yoghurt kit from Korres and I found it at marshalls, for like $19.00. So I figured, why not? Seriously this moisturizer is WONDERFUL. It's soothing to my skin, my skin absolutely drinks this stuff up! It's made with real edible yoghurt too! I love the way this dries on my skin... it feels moisturized, and non-greasy, it doesn't dry with a shine, or anything. It even helps lessen the oil production a little bit, as opposed to how other moisturizers work with my skin. I would absolutely buy this again, I have really sensitive skin! and it breaks out to a lot of things, this doesn't aggravate it at all. Very happy I picked this up, and would love to do it again and again, and btw a little goes a long way, this product is pretty thick in texture and it spreads across the skin very easily.

An awesome find!

I bought this because I love the scent of roses and it smells just like that, roses. LOVE it. Rose is a really hard fragrance to imitate, or get right at all, so many companies seem to get it wrong, but this was very nice. I find it actually goes really well with a fragrance I picked up a while ago, it's YSL Parisienne, they smell just like each other! (to me). So I like to wear them together. The YSL lotion isn't very moisturizing which I'm sure wasn't the point lol. But, I like this better. Together they complement each other very well.

this saved my skin

I really believe this product helps my skin in a lot of ways, I have slight eczema, and I get hives from using body gel washes too often, I get really bad reactions to a lot of body products. And I have a love hate relationship with several lotions..they just don't sink in, or they leave this heavy residue on top of your skin and you feel sticky,etc. This product if applied on wet skin when you get out of the shower and rub it in, absorbs ASAP into your skin, which I love and then the need for lotion is obsolete. I literally do not have to apply anything else moisturizing to my skin after I use this. My body has 0 negative reactions to this product, theres a slight fragrance to it, but it doesn't stick around long, and it's completely not offensive, it's a super light smell, and its a good one too lol. But I love this oil, a little bit goes a long way, it lasts alllll day, and I love just using the oil and being done. Where I live it's been in the triple digits all summer, having this as my all over body moisturizer has been a life saver, even in the winter. I love it!

A great cleanser

I love using this cleanser to remove my makeup, esp. hard to remove makeup. Sometimes after I wash my face if I use a toner I still see makeup come off..I hate that. With this I never had any problems getting my makeup off, including waterproof mascara. I never had any problems with this around my eye area(though I'm not recommending you run out and throw it on your eye I am just noting that I personally didn't have a bad experience in the eye dept. I really did get squeaky clean like skin using this product, and it didn't leave my skin feeling tight or anything. I will however say that I like using this cleanser to cleanse and remove makeup, not to treat my acne or any other skin issues that might pop up. If you're looking for a treatment product, look else where, but if you're looking for a good cleanser to remove makeup, this is a good one.

Favorite Product

As far as my skincare regiment goes a lot of things change, but this is something I've bought at least 6-7 times, everything the product says it will do, it does! It's money well spent, and not a lot of money I might add! I have crazy sensitive acne prone combo skin, and I can't really use anything that exfoliates too much or it dries out my skin. This not only exfoliates my skin, but you don't need to rub it in, it doesn't have any coarse little beads or sand like particles, it's literally like just a gel you put on your face, rub around to make sure your skin is saturated in the product and leave on for a couple minutes. You can feel it heat up, or tingle,and then you wash it off and it literally removes any flakes, or dry dead skin, without being abrasive or drying to your skin. I've literally had days where I used this everyday just to see if it would dry my skin out, never happened! And you can see and feel a difference in under 2 uses of this product. LOVE LOVE LOVE! and will continue to buy this.

a little goes a long way

This makeup remover has lasted me a really long time by comparison to some other makeup removers, and I love it. It doesn't leave me feeling greasy, it almost leaves you feeling moisturized/hydrated, it leaves you feeling soft, and it really does take off all my makeup.


I am an NC15 and I can use the "Light" range in this cosmetic line, the concealer is awesome! It's dual ended so you get a more liquid like product and a lipstick type product on the other end. I have used so many concealers and this is by far my favorite! it's long lasting, it isn't overly creamy or dry, I just love it! absolutely hands down would buy over and over again over any other concealer I've tried from other drugstore brands to high end brands.


I bought the try me box with a bunch of the awapuhi products in it, and I was a little nervous to try the oil because I typically have oily hair/scalp, and baby fine hair, so too much of anything even by a little bit really shows in my hair.. this stuff is AMAZING.. It does not leave my hair greasy, or weighed down, by ANY means. It's absorbed into my hair asap, smells SOOOO NICE!. I highly recommend this product. I have healthy shiny hair on my own, but this product helps keep everything looking great, with an added bit of oomph. I add 1-2 drops in my hair(my hair hits me mid butt length) and work it in my hair from basically shoulders down, and its great! I've been recommending this to my friends at school ever since I got my hands on it, and as soon as all my try me size products run out I'm buying more! ASAP!


I got this palette yesterday and played with it today for the first time and I was completely amazed. This is my first sugarpill purchase, and I am so glad I picked this up! None of the colors are chalky, they go on smooth, theyre HUGE, and a liiiiiittle product goes a long way! I am so impressed with this. Hands down my new favorite palette! It's an awesome deal too if you're basically buying the palette as opposed to buying them individually. I can't tell you how much I love these colors. You can Build them up to be really intense, or you can blend them out and they can be vivid and soft. I am in LOVE with this.

An oldie but a goodie

I've literally had this face brush since I was like a junior in high school lol. To give you a timeline, I graduated high school in 2003! This brush has never failed me when I needed it, it's just as good as the day I bought it. Talk about money well spent! I can't really say enough good things about this brush, I really love it. I thought it was incredibly expensive at the time when I bought it, but looking back now.. It was most likely one of the best investments in my brush collection, it's held up extremely well.

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