Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion


Sabatini T.
A Holy Grail Moisturizer

Okay, so this is my HG Moisturizer for my combination to oily skin.I'm on my second bottle and I started using it in late 2011.

Before, my skin will be very oily in the middle of the day. But this one, it's control my oil without making my skin dry. It's like everyday and everytime, my skin is free from oil. It's been a while since last time I saw unstoppable shine. Well, this one great under sunscreen and powder. If I'm using foundation and primer, it will be still oily, probably it comes from the foundation.

This product will not clog pores, so it's pretty NICE!

I just use one pump and it does its magic!

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Courtney Z.

This is the best moisturizer ever. My grandma used it. My mom used it. I have used it since I was like 4. It should be used as a nighttime moisturizer for those of us with oilier skin types. I also do not use it during the hotter months, only because usually I have a build-up of sunscreen.

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Delaney B.
Great for winter

My skin gets quite dry in the winter, and this adds tons of moisture to it after I get out of the shower. But during the hotter months, it feels sort of thick. I feel like it clogs my pores. This is a must have for the winter but the summer just doesn't work with this product. I just buy the sample size so I have enough for winter but I'm not wasting it for summer.

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Annette V.
great for irritated dry skin

if U really want to get your skin moisturized - just DRINK a lot of water, clean it everyday carefully and check out the climate where u live. i moved out from Russia (Ural mountains) to northen Italy. Living in Russia i didn't have good results of using this moisturizer. Now i love it so much! it depends on water you washing and air humidity.

i have very sensitive and dry skin with some illnesses, but this cream helps me to feel better!

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Monica A.

my go to's a classic. I have combination skin & this is perfect. Moisturizes just enough & doesn't feel overwhelming. I just use a dab & perfect. Now, in the summer i just use it & put a dab of foundation & voila instant tinted moisturizer! :)

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Manina B.

Ii've been using this moisturiser for a year and a half,until I noticed my skin had a tendency to be oily, though I never had such a problem before. Like others said it's lacking SPF, so it's not my ideal kind of moisturiser.I would recomment it to persons with really dry,chapped skin though, in combnation with a sunblock cream!a nice tip for this particular lotion is to blend it with your make up (if you're using makeup stick)so you can apply it easier.

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Kim S.

yes it may work for you NOW but what does it really do to you in the future? know your ingredients. Check out and find out how hazardous your products really are.

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Tiril S.
Best moisturizer!!

This moisturizer is just amazing!! It doesn't clog my pores, make me break out or mess up my skin. It moisturizes the skin and makes your skin super soft. I usually put this on before I go to bed and in the next morning the skin is not dry at all! The cream is either not very thick or very watery. It's just good as it is. The only complaint I have is the pump which pumps to much and it's a little hard to control. However the product is fantastic and I would recommend this to anyone that have dry skin or dry patches, this will do wonders for you!

Lolo M.

I give this product an A+. All of my skincare and most of my makeup is from Clinique. My mom used to work at the Clinique counter in Nordstrom so I have pretty much everything ever made by Clinique. It's great because I can slap it on over my makeup whenever I'm feeling dry!

TC Burcu S.
This is already the 2nd bottle

I have dry skin, and especially on my cheeks and on my forehead, so I have to exfoliate 3 times a week. I use this after each exfoliation, and each morning after cleaning my face, so before my make up. I think it does its job well. It hydrates my skin, without leaving it too moist or oily, because my skin absorbes it quickly. I like it, and I will continue using it ! :-) I recommend it if your skin is dry, but not like desert dry (!), for that type of skin you need something that hydrates even more, it might not be enough.