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I love this shampoo. It smells great, it doesn't make my hair more tangly, I'm really happy it's made with LESS sulfates because I've mostly been using sulfate free and this doesn't bother my scalp any, really happy with it so far.

hated it

Truthfully I dislike MOST dry shampoos that i've used, mostly because of either faulty packaging they empty out or they just suck. This is going in the pile of dry shampoos that suck lol. I have a hard time using products in general in my hair because I hate HATE when my hair doesn't feel like hair. This makes my hair feel like I basically loaded my hair with tons of hairspray and then brushed it in. it felt heavy, it left my hair white no matter how much I combed or patted or smoothed this into my hair, I didn't feel like it made my hair "fresh", or clean, or anything similar to that at all. I mean I know it's not gonna get my hair like it was just washed or anything... but I've tried much better dry shampoos that I didn't like... but didn't DISLIKE this much lol. All in all.. not happy with this product in any way.. I can't even imagine that there will be a time when I would even want to reach for this.

Has gotten a lot of love from me

This entire kit has gotten a lot of love from me. I bought it as soon as it came out, and have used it several times since. A lot of times I get kits and I don't really use them too much, but this one I keep going back to I love everything in this kit! I love that the lipgloss and mascara are portable outside the kit, I love this blush, everything in here so far as lasted me a really long time, it's perfect for everyday use, and I have no regrets regarding this at all. VERY happy with this.


This is one of my favorite products from benefit, coral is one of my favorite colors to wear, and this is great. It goes on pigmented but soft, its easy to blend out. I got mine in "Her name was Glowla" kit, so I just have the mini version of it, but I love it regardless. It lasts forever, the brush is adorable and very useable and it smells really good!

It's nice

I got this on sale at Haute Look for $14.00, the retail value was much higher then that. I love the packaging, it's absolutely gorgeous. However, it's nothing out of the ordinary, if this hadn't been discounted.. I'd prolly have looked this over, but I figured.. "what the hell." The shadows have a nice application and are easy to blend, it's a nice palette, but like I said... a little underwhelming. If I used all these up I wouldn't repurchase, but it's nice in the mean time.


I love this! best lipgloss ever! I bought peach sorbet, it pretty much goes on clear, and thats okay I personally don't care. What my biggest worry about this product was, was that it was basically going to be super goopy and way too thick. And it's not at all, it smells great, and it even tastes good, I love this all around. I think I will absolutely buy more.

Best Primer!

I've used smashbox and bare minerals and some drugstore ones and this one is hands down the best for my skin(which is dry sensitive acne prone skin.). I love the subtle smell to this, it's citrusy, like a faint lemon like smell. Doesn't leave your face with an unnatural feeling, it just feels like a moisturizer on your skin. I didn't use this for a long time because I had so so feelings toward it after the first time I used it, but i don't think I let it set long enough before applying my foundation on top of it which I found is the trick to using primers, you really need to let them set on your skin before putting your foundation and other make up on top. In anycase this works amazingly well given that you let it set for a little bit before applying foundation over it.


I absolutely LOVE this powder, it really does even out my skin tone, I use the sponge that came with it, it can be a little tricky as in putting a lot on at one time, but it still comes out looking great. This never feels cakey, or heavy, and my skin never reacts poorly to this. I was having severe redness on my face for quite some time and this covered it up so well, and you don't need a lot.. this is going to last you a while because a little really goes a long way. It does give a natural luminous kind of look to your face, so if you're looking for something thats super matte this isn't for you. But it does give a very natural look, it's easy to blend and apply. I'd highly recommend this.

Love Hate Relationship

I love this oil, it smells amazing, and it gives my skin a nice glow. HOWEVER, the packaging is terrible. I wish it either had a pump or a spray. I've read several reviews about the packaging being a complaint, and I have to agree. When you're using the oil unless you're giving your hands a really good wipe down before touching the smooth glass bottle which has a twist cap.. kinda an issue.. If it had a spray nozzle you would just spray it everywhere and massage it into your skin without having to touch the bottle and mess around with the cap while your hands are all oily. It's just annoying.

Other then that, the product itself is great! esp. in the spring or summer when you want a nice glow to your skin.


I love this blush, I bought it on a whim. I'm really really into corals right now, and I think this is a really nice pinky coral on the cheeks. I like to use it with my mineralized skinfinish because it helps sheer it out a little more. This product is really pigmented, more then I was expecting which is a good thing! I love that its really pigmented and inexpensive. I really don't buy a lot of blushes, but this one is great.. highly recommend.

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