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I love the finish you get in this foundation, its beautiful, however.. after lets say 2 hours the foundation is a different color then when I put it on, its like a salmon color lol. I find most of the cover girl foundations go pink on me after a couple hours, but I do love the finish of this foundation. And it feels great too, it's not heavy feeling.

I used to wear this foundation several years ago and it was great I loved it, I remember while I was wearing it I had no problems. However, I bought this foundation earlier this year I had a terrible reaction to the foundation, I duno if the formula changed or what happened, but this foundation does not agree with my skin. However having said that I did like it when i was able to wear it, i got decent coverage and I loved that you could buy it in a neutral tone other then the pinker or yellower options. Its unfortunate that what happened happened, I felt like my entire face had been sunburned and it was itchy and welted up. not good times.

I absolutely love this foundation, I have pretty dry skin,except my nose, and when applied correctly.. I think this foundation is amazing. However when applied incorrectly I hate it. I typically don't use the sponges that come with the foundations like this, I use a brush, a flat top brush or an actual foundation brush, and I hated this foundation when applied with either of those, its much too thick, and it keeps wiping off either onto my hands or clothes and so on. HATED this for soo long, found some videos on youtube of the maybelline artists applying this with the sponge, decided to give it a go one day when my skin was feeling super dry and I LOVED!!! it. I got great wear out of it, a flawless looking application and I didnt need to reapply throughout the day. Love love love! this foundation, I wear the color porcelain ivory, and i don't find that it oxidizes though out the day, it looks the same to me at the end of the day as far as color goes as when I applied it.

I love this foundation, if you're in a rush, its quick and easy to put on, you get a next to nothing feel out of it, I wouldn't say its long wearing, but it looks good if you're just looking for a simple foundation without making crazy claims about the duration of wear this is a really goof proof one to try. I wear color porcelain ivory and it blends and looks great, I got my mom to try it and she loves it as well. It also doesn't make my skin flare up with breakouts or anything, I have super sensitive skin and this suits it just fine.

pretty good

I like this foundation, I often times have trouble finding foundations light enough for my fair skin, either they come out too pink, or yellow. I wear this in shade 110, which is pretty hard to find, not all stores carry it. I almost wish it was a hint darker, but not as dark as 115, the color difference between 115 and 110 is pretty big, and this is much lighter then any of the other "porcelain ivory" shades. It looks super light in the bottle but when I put it on it blends in really really well. However something I dislike about it is that it never really feels like it fully sets as a real foundation, however if they called it a tinted moisturizer that would be more fitting in my opinion. I get a decent amount of wear out of this foundation, it doesn't irritate my skin, or cause breakouts, so in general I am pretty happy with this.

I've Jumped ship!

I've been super dedicated to the maybelline lipsticks, but after trying these I totally jumped on board the revlon lipsticks. I love them, and more so I love these. they're super moisturizing, they fade amazing, some lipsticks and things fade and you get these dry like yuckies, that doesn't happen, it doesn't leave a line when they fade like lip stains can.. it just fades to a really nice lighter color(assuming you're wearing a darker color) and they're not super sticky, it has long lasting ability(for me anyway, I love lip products, but I don't actually wear it often..) I picked up the colors Tutti Frutti, Red Velvet, and Candy Apple which is my absolute favorite. I love these in reds because I find them to be super wearable, you can build them up, or leave them sheer, and they're moisturizing no matter how much or how little you put on. If you're afraid to go for full on red lipstick, this would be a great place to start in my opinion.

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