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R N.
Perfect Lashes

I really love this product because it's two in one, also it's great quality for the money. I normally use the 'length' side to lengthen my eyelashes and it gives a great finishing look. I can't really say anything bad about it because it does exactly what it's meant to.

Angie A.

I got this one day because it was on discount - I usually use Define-A-Lash but I wanted to try something new. For starters, the formula itself is a bit watery. I'm okay with this, but it's not good for volume building. What really bugs me is the "two brushes". The length brush is your average mascara wand, but the volume brush is the same one, shoved through a bigger tube. When you take the length brush out of the volume tube, there is a giant reservoir of leftover mascara, and it is DISGUSTING. Not to mention, using the volume brush makes you look like you have maybe 3 eyelashes per eye, and clumps very badly. If you just use the length brush, it's not bad. I wouldn't recommend.

Rebecca D.
Not Great

I have never been a fan of Rimmel mascaras but i received this as a gift last christmas. If you like length but not volume, and a very subtle look, this would be great for you. However the formula is very watery and is not great for thickening up my lashes. I found that after half a day of school, that it feels and looks like I have no mascara on. I also don't see the the need for the 'length' and 'thickening' brushes as they make no changes to the look of your lashes.

Not a great product, i do not recommend Rebecca xx

Erin S.
Not a fan.

I was hopeful for this mascara since I really like other mascaras from rimmel. The length option is fine. When you add the volume or use the volume alone is when you have issues. It's a super wet formula and gets everywhere. It made me look like I had 5 eyelash hairs...super clumpy. http://erinschaubbeautyblog.blogspot.com/

The photo was taken using the length option first then adding the volume on top of it.

Jessica N.
Love it!

I love my lashes to look super long and thick so I usually used the lengh wand only on a daily basis. But for nights out I used the volume wand and I loved the dramatic look it gave. This never clumped on my eyelashes and it help my curl all day. Love it! :)

Sofia M.
this product is amazing!

this is really a wonderful product and i have never had any problems with it. the only thing i can say, is that a beginner shouldn't start out with this one, it is a little harder to use if you don't know what you're doing, but if you do, than it's perfect, you can achieve thick feathery lashes with this product, i'm quite satisfied :)

LBD Girl s.

I quite enjoyed this product. The two brush option really allowed you to customize the way you wanted to wear your mascara that day. I personally like the look of thick black lashes. So normally I would use both brushes daily.

Tuyen T.

It never clumped for me...it's just perfect! It's my fave mascara i've bought in so long! I haven't bought this in a while because I've been experimenting with others and i can confidently announce that My fave mascara is this.

Tashina M.
Too dry

The formula was too dry and it was potty going on and clumped really badly when I got enough on to cover my lashes. The tube concept is cool but when you pull out the longer skinnier wand, it was too long to control.

Helen K.

This has got to be my absolute favorite mascara I have ever used. I use to use multiple mascaras on a daily basis and now I only use this one! The double cap is a great design it works great. I hope you buy and use this product! It works great for my lashes! Even a friend commented on how great my eyelashes looked when i started using it!