Beauty Product Reviews

Summer must have

I have to say it took me a while to pick this bad boy up! $42 for a tinted moisturizer? WELL it's worth every penny.

I love the coverage it give and that it has spf already in it. I dont like wearing foundation all the time so this is my summer go to during the days i'm not out partying or need more coverage. It looks super natural and doesn't feel cakey even though it is a lot thicker then most other moisturizers.

I sometimes set it with my MAC Skinfinish Natural but it doesn't need to be set.

TIP: Like any other face product make sure you drag it down your neck and chin. Since it does have color and does cover pretty well you dont want to look like you have a mask on. :)

Dry it up, Ship it out

This might have to be my favorite mask. It dries up any type of acne that i have on my face. For me this is great before bed. I use it 3 to 4 times a month (in the summer). I love that it drags out all the dirt that my pores and face gather throughout the day. AS WELL as any left over makeup. I have a very oily T-zone and this has cut down my oiliness. It's super refreshing and makes my skin tight but not dried out.

On the go

When I dont feel like wearing foundation I turn to this! I love how it feels light weight on my face and still gives me a light coverage. I also use this as a setting powder for my foundations. All i can say about this is it last long and is great for touchups as well. It never leaves my makeup bag.

Cleanser for days

I have to say this is the best cleanser I have tried. It really does its job. I have comb-oliy skin and this doesn't make my face dry and stiff. Which I have had a lot of cleansers do. It makes my skin soft and helps stop my break outs. This is step 1 of the 3 step process and they really all go hand in hand. All you need is a full pump in your hand to do the job. For the price and size you cant do wrong. I love that the cap also turns to open and close. Thats perfect for travel!

TIP: If you are traveling make sure to pack this in something that wont get banged up and hit a lot. My cap broke and it was all over my bag. :(... putting it in a plastic bag will help also.


I love and mean LOVE this toner. Its now my favorite and never leaving my skin care routine. It helps me from breaking out which i have found if i dont use it after step 1 then i will break out. The size is great for the price. You cant go wrong if you have Combination oily skin! Even though it has alcohol in it, it does not dry my skin out! It removes any dirt that wasn't taken off by the cleanser as well! I'm just in LOVE

Fit me Perfect?

I like this concealer but only for my under eye. I noticed anywhere else it is a little to oily for my skin. But under the eye it is perfect. I got mine in 30 which is a shade lighter then what i need (35). 30 is perfect because it is a little more red based unlike 35 which is yellow based. For its price i dont like it! i rather stick to a high end concealer but if you can get it on sale try it!

Quick and Pretty

I love these nail polishes. I have them in a couple different shades. They are great because if you dont have time to sit and wait for your nails to dry they are dry in a matter of minutes. They are super opaque and usually one coat does it. Its a must have nail polish in my book


In love with these wipes more then my MAC wipes. They take all my makeup off, even waterproof mascara. I love how fresh they leave my face. And you only need one to take off all your makeup. Hands down the best for drugstore makeup removers!

This does its job for the most part. I love the smell of this product. One thing i can say is if you have naturally curly hair or wavy hair this product may not be for you. It is water based so it will take your hair back to its original texture if you have already had it straight from the day before. Other than that this works great at protecting the hair from heat damage

Simply Amazing

I am in LOVE. This brush does wonders. You can use it with powder or liquid. I use it with both depending on the day. Its not just for foundation, I use it with bronzer and blush(with edge). If you want a blended airbrushed look this is defiantly i must have brush for your collection.

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