Beauty Product Reviews

Love it!

My dad turned me onto this product when he was using it for his hands and arms. My feet tend to get really dried and sometimes even cracked. Obviously those are not cute to bust out in sandals, with the boyfriend or at the beach. Every other night I put this product on my feet with a pair of socks over it and go to sleep. The next morning my feet feel like as soft as a babys bottom. Magical product.


My mother and I love this product. It zaps zits right as you put it on. I can get rid of a pimple in a day because after one use it diminishes the size and then once before bed and it is completely gone. I have run out currently but I will be racing to the store to buy more soon :D

Nice moisturizer but does not help with oiliness

I am currently using this product now and it feels nice on my skin but it does not help me combat my oiliness. I feel like it makes my skin even oiler. I like the texture but it does not really benefit me much but feed my skin even more oil than it already has.

Smells Wonderful and Cleans Amazingly Well

I tried this product out for a very long time and it definitely left my face clean and feeling brand new. There was no residue left over and it just smelled fabulous. I repurchased this plenty times after because I was running out so quickly. I have recently switched cleansers to try out the Clean & Clear Finish Mattifying Cleanser for my oily skin but I will be adding Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Oily Skin Cleanser back into my beauty cabinet.

It did its job

I tried this once because on my nose my pores get very clogged because I have oily skin. I constantly battle with blackheads just on my nose. I was excited to try this product out. I did not like having to yank it off my nose but for me it did the job of cleaning my pores and getting rid of my blackheads. The pain after the yanking was not as pleasant as my clean pores...

This product is wonderful

I used this product when I was staying at my aunt's house. I believe I used the one for sensitive skin and I have oily skin but it still did wonders. My face felt fresh and not clogged and I usually feel like I am constantly having to wipe my face from oils but with this product I didn't really have to. The consistency is nice and smooth and feels great on your skin.


I love this product, I feel like it really gets the dead skin off and leaves my skin feeling fresh and new. Its not abrasive, smells good and I use it about twice a week. Good for taking off makeup as well. I have really oily skin and it helps a lot.