Lizamae D.
Great Multi-use product!

This is one of my go-to products, especially in the winter when I end up with dry hands. I've also found a small space for it in my professional makeup kit! I've used Aquaphor as a quick fix for super dry patches on my models skin, and also as a mixing medium for loose pigments.

Meg F.

I mainly use this for chapped lip and it works so well. I can use it on flakey patches on my face before applying foundation and it doesn't break me out. My tube has lasted be forever and it's a lifelong favorite and a staple in my makeup bag.

Michelle P.
Better than Vaseline.

I'm a loyal customer to this product. I keep one with me at ALL times. One in my purse, one in my car, and one in my pocket, (if I have pockets. =P) After the shower, if I forget to use lotion on my face, sometimes my nose appears ashy. BAM. Then, I bust out with the Aquaphor. I primarily use it for my lips.

Doctors could not determine what caused an allergic reaction so, they suggested that I did not use ANY lip products with chemicals in them (i.e. Chapstick, Softlips, Carmex.) So I tried Vaseline. Then, I discovered Aquaphor. I like this product; the packaging is convenient. Pocket-size. It comes in a box of 2. Unlike Vaseline the product is not messy and greasy. I have used it for minor/major dry spots where lotion was not handy. Works just fine. No stains. Thick texture. Good stuff. Pretty pricey though, ~$7.00 US but, I can't see myself without it. I hope Aquaphor doesn't jack up the price. That would be very unfortunate.

Elle W.
Multifunctional and very moisturizing

Aquaphor is one of the most moisturizing lotions I've ever used and it's great that you can use it for your hands, for your lips and for just about anywhere. I slather this stuff on my lips every night before I go to sleep and I've noticed a huge improvement, my lips went from being dry and flaky one night to smooth and soft the next morning. This cream's only downfall is how sticky it is, it's like having glue on your hands. While you can use this product on your hands, it's so annoying how after you apply it your hands get very sticky and tacky feeling, that's why I like to keep this lotion at home and only apply it to my hands and lips right before I'm going to bed.

Rachel G.
Customer for 12+ years!

I've been using Aquaphor since I was in middle school for chapped lips. I have it in every size they make, the huge tub, the smaller tub, the travel tube -- it never leaves my side and lasts FOREVER because you only need a little bit. I will use this forever!

Arielle R.
Love it!

My dad turned me onto this product when he was using it for his hands and arms. My feet tend to get really dried and sometimes even cracked. Obviously those are not cute to bust out in sandals, with the boyfriend or at the beach. Every other night I put this product on my feet with a pair of socks over it and go to sleep. The next morning my feet feel like as soft as a babys bottom. Magical product.

April A.

I was visiting my husband's family in cold cold Minnesota and my lips were insanely dry. I didn't have any lip products with me and my husband's mother gave me this Aquaphor and it works WONDERS! It really moisturizes the lips beautifully! I also love that this product is made for not just lips but for burns and skin irritations. I would definitely recommend this to others 100%!

Debbie O.

I absolutely love this product. My daughter has eczema and nothing else helped her skin. Aquaphor is the only product that helped to clear her eczema up and moisturize her dry skin. I refuse to use anything else.

Stephanie  M.
Keep a tube in your purse

I wash my hands A LOT and the soap at my job is full of alcohol which dries the heck out of my skin. I also, get eczema on my hands too. This helps heal my dry skin and clears up the eczema pretty quickly.

Brittney Chloe H.
My Solution to Dry Skin!

After getting Hives from a shellfish consumption overdose (haha!), I was itching, literally, for a quick solution to dry skin. My roommate at the time recommended this to me. I apply it as the last step to my night time skincare routine - I only apply it to dry areas and my under-eye area. Sometimes I'll apply it to my lips but this isn't the best topical ointment for my lips. This is also what I use if I want to apply makeup to the redness that usually comes with dry skin.