Daily Facial Cleanser


April B.
My go-to GENTLE facial cleanser!

This is my absolute, go-to facial cleanser of all time. I have been using this continuously for what seems like forever. I have extremely sensitive, rash prone skin and this does not irritate me at all. It leaves your skin soft and squeaky clean. It is NOT a soap-less cleanser, however, does a great job cleaning the makeup off of my face without excessive dryness.

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Barb W.
My savior!

Excuse the mini rant that's coming! I have VERY dry sensitive flaky skin. To the point where I couldn't wear foundation anymore. I swear I've tried EVERYTHING. I kept reading online about Cetaphil, but every time I saw the product I was just like eh, it doesn't look like it would be so great. Finally bought it & I am SO SO SO happy that I did! I am finally able to wear makeup without looking super cakey & gross. Warning though, the texture & appearance of the cleanser is a little...odd. & it doesn't quite get my makeup off. I have to wash my face twice for it to actually remove the makeup, but I really think it's worth it.

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Michelle S.
Best Facial Cleanser

This is one of my favorite facial cleansers. Before using Cetaphil, my skin was in terrible condition. I felt that this is the only product that will gently remove any residue off of my face and body. It leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. This product has as soft scent, almost similar to baby oil. The facial cleanser normally comes in a tube or as a bar of soap. Ever since being introduced to this by a dermatologist four years ago because of my acne prone and dry skin, my skin seemed to clear up faster. Although this doesn't have any acne fighting treatments, I felt that it was enough to help cure my skin. I definitely recommend this product if you haven't tried so already.

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Cameron R.
Cleared up my acne!

I had been a long time sufferer of acne and super reactive skin, and it was impossible to treat due to my skin being so sensitive. It was winter '09, and before beginning treatment with Retinal, my dermatologist recommended the gentle formula along with the moisturizing cream to combat winter dryness, and it cleared up my skin within a month and a half. The price can't be beat, and you will get results.

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Drea L.
I didn't like it.

I just didn't like it. I don't really feel like it did anything to my skin - it didn't take any of my make up off. I just felt like I was rubbing some silky, slippery liquid stuff on my face. Not my thing.

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Justin R.
Removes the grease and grime of the day

This facial cleanser beats all the rest. I sweat a lot and all that grime that builds up gets washed away with out leaving my skin dry and irritated.

Kassondra B.
Staple Cleanser

I bought this on a beauty recommendation from Cosmo and were they ever right. I use this as part of my regular skincare routine and it's perfect on my combination skin.

Kendra H.
Great and Gentle!!!

I use this because I have very sensitive skin and it's super gentle! It cleans well and gets rid of all the makeup residue that my makeup wipes cant. It also doesn't dry out my skin! I use this on the off days from my Biore cleanser. I just really love this product and I wouldn't recommend ANY other cleanser for people with sensitive skin!

Rebecca M.

Only product that works for me. Literally if my skin is breaking out and I use this, my skin looks a lot better the next day. It is a bit pricey, but the amount of product you get is amazing. Love this so much and I use it everyday.

Ivory D.

This is a great product for the face. It leaves your skin smooth to the touch. Try it out, I mean Pharrell even uses this! And we've seen his skin. :)