Telescopic Explosion Mascara

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Maria Y.

I really love this mascara, it is really black and adds more drama to my eye make up. I love that you can build up, like if you want more dramatic and longer lashes. Then you can keep applying more and more, until you are happy with the results. I love this mascara....can only recommed it!

eyezayuh m.

I purchased this because I figured it was a dupe for the Givenchy Phenomen'eyes Mascara, but wayyy cheaper. My eyelashes are extremely long, but they aren't very thick. I felt that this product really held on to my lashes and make them look almost fake, which I like. The formula does, however, get built up at the very tip of the brush, but its not anything that you can't just scrape back into the tube. I really like the brush because It helps make sure each individual lash is coated evenly with product. It helps keep the curl of your lashes as well. You may experience a little flaking, but nothing major.

Kat K.

best mascara I know, hands down. It just does everything! It makes your lashes longer, thickens them, and fans them out like crazy. Here since the thing is so small its really easy to control it and get it to places you normally wouldnt be able to reach

Jane A.
HG mascara

I guess my eyelids are allergic to most mascaras out there, whether it is a department store or drug store brand. It sucks when I'm working and I have a mascara on that I'm allergic too, and all I want to do is rub my eyelids, or scratch them. I can't because my makeup will get all nasty. So the second I get home, I'm washing my face... and not only that, my eyelids are a little bit swollen. Eek...

But this mascara is my HG. Prior to this product, I've never really cared for mascara, but now I know why mascara is probably a product that most people wear daily.

The wand's shape makes it so much easier to get those smaller lashes.


Lyzzette H.

I LOVE this mascara i have somewhat oily lids and if mascara is to oily or runny it will be alll over my eyelid and undereye mid day and my curl will be gone

this mascara left my eyelashes extremely curled alll day and did not run or crease on my eyelids my newwwww favorite !! and yes the ball is soo easy to manage


LOVE IT!! so easy to make lashes "fan out". I was very impressed how easy it is to control this kind of wand!!

Deseni F.
ooh yes!!!

one of my favorite mascaras. i adore this one. i dont like the wand, cus sometimes there is a bug chunk of mascara on it, so when i apply it, i suddenly have a big chunk of mascara on my lashes. so i need to whipe a bit off first. but when applied, my lashes are suuupeer long, and really seperated. and you can get in the corners with it easy.

Claire G.
Long Lashes!

This mascara makes my lashes suppeeerrrr long! I love that! I agree with the previous posts, it's not volumizing. BUT if you use a volumizing mascara (Maybelline Great Lash Big for example) and then layer this on top, your lashes will look fantastic! I have had a very positive experience with this product.

Sura Y.
globe works well

I've bought another telescope mascara of loreal before but the globe helps a lot of my telescopic explosion mascara carbon black-noir carbone and its quite alright though I liked my previous one better with a golden container or holder ..

Dawn C.
Works great.....with a lot of work and help from another mascara!

I love this mascara. I use it underneath Lash Stiletto to get a perfect lash every time. This mascara is great at separating and capturing in inner and outer corners. It does not give volume as much as it gives lift and length. When I top it with the Lash Stiletto I find I get a very intense, gorgeous lash.

I couldn't give it 5 stars since I have to apply another mascara on top of this to get it to work for me. It also takes a lot of time and work to apply this mascara so I don't wear it much on its own/everyday. Just when I want to rev up my the more natural look I get with Lash Stiletto.

Good buy if you are willing to work for it.