Lash Architecht False Lash Effect Mascara

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Honey E.
Lash architecht 4D is amazing.

Lash architecht 4D version is amazing! My favorite mascara. It´s a really good mascara to build up lashes with.

Eliza H.
The Best Mascara (4D)

I will start by saying my lashes are stort and very straight. I have a collection of mascara from drug store to high end and in my opionion this is by far the best. The wand is excellent it seperated my lashes and left looking quite impressive. It holds a curl and give such length and volume. I have never had a mascara that ive gone and told friends/family to buy but i havent stopped recommending this one. Also it is so so cheap I have not one bad thing to say.

Kristina S.

I love this mascara, its like my holly grail. I've tried a few mascara out but nothing really worked for me, until I borrowed one my auntie mascara which is this one. I loved it, it kept my lashed curled and volumize. I find that some mascara weight my lashes down and this keeps it up.

Maria Y.

Really good mascara to build and get fake eye lashes effect. I mostly use this for a nigth out, or any events. It is easy to apply and gives a very instance black eye lashes. And i love this mascara, it gives my eyes more drama and makes my eye lashes seem more black. LOVE IT

Rebecca H.
4D Version Is AMAZING!!

I love this mascara and the 4D one. Great value for money and if you have small thin lashes then this formula will work great for you! Its not too wet and its not clumpy at all.

Applicator is slightly bent so that your whole lash space can be coated in this product. You only need this and nothing else!

No more coating 3 different mascaras on!