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Completely obsessed

I purchase about 7 or so different colors of this product. I recently help a YouTube makeup giveaway where one of the requirements to enter was to comment on the video with your top 2 makeup recommendations of the moment. Needless to say, this was one of the highly recommended products. They are a bit hard to find as they seem to sell out quickly but I went ahead and stocked up on most of the colors that I liked. (Still missing one or two) The formula is amazing, they are smooth, HYDRATING and give just the right amount of color. Most tinted lip balms leave a faint shadow of color that makes me feel like I'm 8 years old again and using a tinted balm because I wasn't allowed to use real makeup. This product does not do that! It can totally pass as a lipstick and has the added bonus of keeping my lips soft and supple at the same time.

Trendy, summery, perfect!

I was recently invited to attend the MAC Pro Spring Summer 2012 Trends Presentation and was so blessed for the experience. I was able to get up to date on all the upcoming trends in makeup, as seen on runways around the world! After the presentation I had to purchase the Call Me Bubbles palette. One of the trends discussed was the return of metallics with a pull toward more earthy metallic colors (coppers and terra cottas) and this palette had the perfect metallic color! It also has a gorgeous pink, orange (two of my favs) and a beautiful highlight color. It was a perfect mix and as always - super pigmented. I was so happy with my purchase and the whole evening that I ran home to film a YouTube video and blog post explaining all the upcoming trends mentioned and also hauling my new goodies. This is one palette I was proud to show off!


These pencils are a wonderful buy. The whole 24/7 line of Urban Decay is exceptional. This set is a great deal and I was able to get it from HauteLook for a discounted price which is just so much more amazing. They can multi-task as eyeshadow, base or liner. I love their versatility and super blendable. I also like the smooth application and creamy consistency.

Love but was left wanting more!!!

So I completely adore the product! It blends out so easily and lasts all ay long, and sometimes into the next morning (I know I'm 'supposed' to wash off my makeup every night But.......). My only and biggest disappointment is that these little bad boys are HARD to get your hands on! I ordered fierce & tangy and tenacious teal (the only 2 colors available) online from Ulta because I had completely given up on finding them in any store. My order was confirmed but when the package shipped only fierce & tangy came because tenacious teal was sold out!!!! Ughhhh, my first thought was "but it was in my cart at checkouuutttt". Any who, I'm still searching for more of these, I would love to have all but at the very least I want all of the bold colors (the purple, teal and green one). They are definitely worth the search.

I recently purchased this set from benefit. I noticed that I didn't really own many benefit products and was requested to do a review video for my youtube channel on benefit products so I figured this set would be a great choice because it comes with a few of their products all in one convenient set. I love the packaging, I think it's absolutely adorable. Also, erase paste has become my go to concealer since I bought this set, I love it!. Boing is also a great concealer but the erase paste is just more convenient for me since I can take it on the go. (Boing, eye bright and lemon aid are built into the box and not individually packaged). All in all a great introduction for me of benefit products and definitely sold me on the line.

Great product. Blends well and lasts all day. The colors are amazing and they have multiple uses. Some are formulated for lips and cheeks and others for eyes but I'm guilty of using my lip aqua creams as eyeshadows, oops lol. Very versatile product.

Again, for the price of this product you can't do much better. ELF is great because they have super affordable products that get the job done. However, this brush is very small. It is not practical for concealing large areas but I do use it for concealing around my lip line when I do a red lip and also concealing around my eyebrows to highlight them.

staple in my makeup bag

For the price this product is amazing. I always keep it in my purse and use it often to line my upper lash line. I like the smooth application and the fact that its very pigmented.

Great product. It works amazing as a first step in a lip care routine. It helps to exfoliate the lips and leaves a smooth base that you can then apply your lip balm to add and retain moisture. This product is not a moisturizer. It is a lip scrub. People get that confused. I love LUSH lip scrubs, and the flavors are also awesome.

Coverage is great and it blends out very well. For a drugstore product this is a great choice. I also love the fact that there is SPF 17 sunscreen built into the formula, you can't go wrong with that.

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