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Cass C.
I look alive

Best ever now finally I don't look like a walking zombie with my annoying dark under eye circles love this kit perfect for fair skin like mine I have bought so many wasted so much money trying to find the perfect kit and no more searching this is it I plan on never being without this.

Ari W.
Good for fair girls

I was sooo excited to buy this but i find myself longing for a new concealer just a week after. And let me tell you, I own about 10 concealers lol. Dont wanna repeat so everyhing said AMber said was pretty much spot on. I would just stray away from purchasing this if you are medium to darker toned where I bought this ost of the oncealers are too light for me and Im a shade of tan.

Alexis T.

I've had many years of searching for the right concealer so I don't look tired all the time. I finally found what I was looking for. This kit has everything I need to look fresh before walking out the door each day! Love it so much. I am now a Benefit fan for life.

Megan F.

I love this kit!!! I purchased this over a year ago and I STILL have it in my kit. The products last forever and it's great to try these out before purchasing the full size of them. The only downfall is that the brightener and lemon aid primer got dried out pretty fast because of the packaging otherwise I love this kit and have since bought the full size of the boi-ing concealer.

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Laurie A.
great concealers

I love all of the concealers that are in this. That gal brightening face primer does brighten your face a touch., The concealers in this such as the boiing,, which is one of my favorites and the erase paste both are excellent at covering.

Ashley C.
ONE STOP Perfect Skin in a Box!

Benefit's 2nd conceal box i have purchased and this one is nothing less than 1st place in the race! Its SOO much better than the smaller/original box they once had! I disliked the original because it was set for medium tone skin and had 3 mini highlighters/tints and that's it. boring right? This Kit wasn't shy of boring at all! I purchased mine for around $36 at my local benefit counter in my Ulta. Heres my thoughts:

-Perfect One stop conceal box, adorable packaging that looks like a book & sample heaven for all items -Step By Step instructions & 2 double concealer Brushes (awesome for travel too) -Medium - Full coverage concealer in Light to Medium -Heavy Duty thick concealer so a little goes a long way (must set this with powder) -Primer & Eye Brightener included. Give you the awake look without eye shadow -That Gal Deluxe Sample tube for on the go great for highlighting cheek bones, bow of lips & eyebrows -Travel safe & climate safe. Not to bulky but it is a box. -NOT PRICEY AT ALL. 6 almost more than deluxe sample products, 2 double sided brushes & a how to guide all in a book styled box.. It a steal!

This kit really does help you achieve a flawless base so your foundation set is alot easier! Acne, scars, or blemishes look out benefit packed a box that will sure keep you hidden away! I use this box first set everything with a face powder and move on to blush & lips and i have a perfect natural look without the efforts of eyeshadows or layers upon layers of liquid foundation. I adore it! Wanna test this out? Visit a local Benefit Beauty Counter!

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Amber L.
its okay

so i wanted this so much bought it and barley ever use it i dont like the erase paste i do like the boing and lemon aid eye bright it rough to get a amount of and the that gal just makes my makeup more oily on my face

Barbie V.

I recently purchased this set from benefit. I noticed that I didn't really own many benefit products and was requested to do a review video for my youtube channel on benefit products so I figured this set would be a great choice because it comes with a few of their products all in one convenient set. I love the packaging, I think it's absolutely adorable. Also, erase paste has become my go to concealer since I bought this set, I love it!. Boing is also a great concealer but the erase paste is just more convenient for me since I can take it on the go. (Boing, eye bright and lemon aid are built into the box and not individually packaged). All in all a great introduction for me of benefit products and definitely sold me on the line.

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Amber G.
Cute Packaging, useful product, awesome company!! <3

I've used many products from the Benefit line. Keep in mind this product is NOT targeted at an "older" audience. It's young and hip. It is NOT made to hide or fill in wrinkles so it can settle in creases... it's not the product failing, it's you trying to make it into something it's not. This is an "on-the-go" for someone who only needs help concealing (which generally means they're not wearing a lot of makeup AT ALL) Being a model, different makeup is used on my face daily and I'm always paying attention to what people are using on me. I had heard about erase paste before and I've used both Boing concealers included in this kit. I originally went to the store to purchase erase paste and found this kit for $36. Keep in mind the price of erase paste alone is $26.

I put on "that gal" on after liquid foundation & before erase paste.

I put erase paste on AFTER I use MAC studio sculpt. I use a sponge with a very small amount on the lids and under-eyes. I have natural dark circles that are tricky to hide at times. Keep in mind, erase paste and the boing concealers do not come in dark shades for ebony & darker skin tones and the undertones in the products are more PEACH based which means they offset greens/blues/blacks. If you have RED blemishes, these products will not work properly for you and you will need GREEN to offset your problem areas. I had this explained to me by many a professional makeup artist.

I follow with Boing #2 under eyes first and #1 over that. I set with a light ivory powder from CG (any lighter powder will do.) Then use your every day powder over the rest of your face to blend the harsh line and set the liquid foundation.

I use lemon-aid as a base for eye shadow. I rarely use eye bright.

PROS: good coverage, longwear, blends well, smooth application, does not cause breakouts, is not "suffocating" to skin, variety of products, less pricey than individual products, good for testing out Benefit products

CONS: small samples, doesn't work for red blemishes, pricey

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Christine D.
for the girl on the go

I love this so much! I am a busy on the go type of girl and I love the fact that this is big but compact enough to throw in my bag. This thing is like my bestfriend. From school, to work, to martial arts this has everything I need to cover my blemish to my dark circles it even has a lemon aid base I use on my lids when I don't feel like wearing eye shadow. Way worth the money especially if you've got a hectic life like me.