Aqua Cream


Nina L.
Great primer!

I have number #13. It is a gorgeous everyday color. I saw A LOT of reviews before purchasing. A lot of people insist to use this product QUICKLY because it will dry very fast - plus it's waterproof. In my opinion, that was all exaggerated. YES it does stay put all day, HOWEVER don't stress yourself about getting it perfectly on in 2 seconds. Other than that hype about this product, I like it! :)

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Chesca B.
hello color!

I had gotten the #9 shade and it works quite great. It's highly pigmented, and has little gold flecks in it. It's great for Spring, which is the main reason I had gotten it. It applies very matte, so for lips, you will definitely need a gloss for the lips, unless you prefer it matte. It blends very easily and lasts all day.

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Shahada K.

Easy to apply and blend (FINGERS!)... buildable and waterproof. I have! These put MAC paint pots to shame in the performance department. If I had a complaint, it would be the packaging. Totally cheap. MAC packaging is less practical, but beautiful.

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Jade A.

I love love LOVE these products, they just add a pop to any look, whether it be everyday or evening. I have it in 3 shades but by far my favorite is the peach because I blend it in to use as a base for a very pretty, sparkly smoky eye. It doesn't budge when it is on my eye, even without my trusty urban decay primer potion. The only fault I had was because I have somewhat of an oily eyelid, I found the product faded more during the day if I didn't wear a primer, but with a primer it stays vibrant all through the day. I am totally in love with the MUFE range :D

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Angela W.
Great for cheeks but you'll need a gloss for the lips.

So right now I'm obsessed with bright, bubblegum pink and this cream is the perfect color to fuel my obsession. It's def not an ugly neon but it is super bright so it really pops when you wear it.

You can really use this product as an eye, cheek, or lip color. I noticed it appears a bit dry on the lips though, so unless you're going for a totally matte look I'd put some gloss over it. I wore it out last night and, to my surprise, the color was as vibrant as ever after dancing all night long!

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Ina J.
Long lasting creaseproof eyeshadow

This is my holy grail cream eyeshadow. I love it so much! I got the colour #16 pink beige and it's a great neutral colour which you can use on its own or under any other colour eyeshadows. It's got a very rich colour payoff and is very pigmented. It's best if you apply it with your fingers. Its waterproof and long lasting!! I can definitely guarantee this as one time I had a really bad day and I was crying so much but this eyeshadow just stayed put!

Tanya H.

Just beautiful. Glides on so smoothly. I use mine as an eyeliner and it is waterproof and sweat proof and fool proof. My sephora doesnt have their eyeliner so i just hoped this was the same and it was. Can be used in the waterline. Im not sure about sensitive eyes amd contact wearers but for pretty normal eyes it should stay for a few hours. Lasts a loooong time

Myrna P.
So glad I bought it
Photo of product included with review by Myrna P.

This is my second MUFE purchase and so far I have not been disappointed. I decided to buy this with a gift card I received during Christmas time. I was trying every single color they had but only liked the purple. It blends easily, highly pigmented, smooth and creamy. I love this eye cream! I tried it on yesterday and when I woke up this morning it was still on. I know I should have washed my face last night before bed but I knocked out after being out all day. It is gorgeous when worn alone, I am sure you can use it as a base for more shadows in the evening. I would recommend it to anyone!

Josy-anne B.

This products is last for hours. Impossible to get it off except with cleanser. I love also wear it on my cheeks and my lips. The Orange one and the emerald one are my favorite. And the Black Tango palette is amazing. I love to use those product for doing make up and also as a base before powder eyeshadows!

Cate E.

I love these products so much for a sparkly base to any eye shadows to make the eyelid pop. I definitely recommend these as a base, use the black one rather than the aqua black product. You do have to get use to them before you perfect it, you just have to work quick and really warm the product up on your hand before applying with your finger on the eyelid. The warm golden colour is great for wedding makeup or a natural makeup with sparkle :)