Urban Decay

24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash


Minjee Y.
great color range and long lasting products!

I bought these when they were on sale from hautelook.com and they were a steal! I forgot how much but they must've been 5-10$ only for all 5 of these jumbo pencils. UD jumbo pencils are the best that I've tried so far! They do not smudge. these set fairly quick so when you use it as a base blend it quickly. These are perfect to use as liners too and I love it because they do not smudge and they are waterproof! Definitely worth it to buy these if you are a fan of eyeliners, colored eyeliners, and ones that don't budge and are easy to work with.

jen s.

I bought this color because I was originally gifted the purple in this set and I grew to love it so I purchased the set. The color payoff is amazing! I use this to line my eyes and I absolutely love that they threw the blue in there. I use the blue when I don't want to wear the neutrals. And I also bought this during their sale so I got an even better deal !

Rachel C.

I got these during a sale on Urban Decay's website, and I'm really glad that I didn't pay full price because the two times I've used the purple color, Delinquent, my eyes have gotten irritated and puffy within hours of application. I wear different shadows and liner daily and have never been so affected by a product - my eyes stay sore and itchy into the next day! The colors are gorgeous and the application is very smooth, but I had to throw Delinquent away. The neutrals don't aggravate my eyes, so I suspect the pretty lilac glitter is the culprit, which is a shame. Hopefully no one else has this happen to them!

Erica D.

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these I have almost Every COLOR, not a lot of the browns though, which I should get. They go on very smooth and are very true to their color. They stay on for the whole day.

Cary R.

All I have to say was wow!

Pros- they glide on smooth, after 5 seconds of it being on the skin they dried up quickly and even after rigorously rubbing them, they did not smudge. they look wonderful. The more loud of the bunch is the blue which is VERY glittery and then the purple. They are all loud colors but the lighter browns are more subdued.

Cons- they are small.... since i really like these I wish they were larger.

All in all I give it 5/5 Love them!

Janelle A.
Must have!

Got these off of Hautelook. Was super excited when they came in. Very practical, great for traveling. I'm a journalism major so if I'm going to be on camera that day, it's easier to carry around than my naked palette. It's a great alternative. You can use the lighter color on the inner corners, the medium for the lids, and the dark for the crease and lash line. Then use either the purple or blue for a pop of color. Happy with my purchase, use them everyday, even if it's just as a base!

Shannon H.
Great assortment!

I love this set, aside from the blue its perfect! I use these on a regular basis and am definitely going to repurchase when these "stash" sizes run out. Sin and Rehab are my favorites!

Lynn S.
Wonderful for a quick neutral look!

I got these on sale from urbandecay.com and fell in love with these! They are wonderful for when your running late and want a quick eye makeup. They are super creamy and blend out very nicely with the brush UD makes just for this product. My favorite is actually the purple one. Its beautiful! And you can make these as sheer or as opaque as you want. Make sure to wear a base if your going for a sheer look tho, as these really do stick to your lid and may have a hard time blending on bare skin. Overall, great buy!

Nadia N.
Great bases!!

I got these during the Urban Decay F & F sale and getting it real cheap and was well worth it. I notice they are creamy and easy to glide on compared to other jumbo pencils. I also love how much punch from the colors give to my other eyeshadows. I hope they do another set with more colors!

Ericka G.
LOVE at first sight

I found these at the Nordstrom Rack [outlet] store near my house. Can I say I just love love love these pencils. They are rich in color, easy to apply and manipulate. I sometimes use them under my shadow as a primer to make my colors pop and give long lasting wear. Because the price was so great at the outlet store. I went back and got a second set!