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My only brushes!

These are the best drugstore brushes ever! They're so soft and they pick up color very well! Also, I like the fact that its eco-friendly. They are very small but I don't mind because if I have to travel, I can just stick them in the case and take along! I would recommend to anyone that is starting makeup to buy these brushes!

On the fence...

Hmm...I'm not sure what to say. The lipstain itself is a lot darker on your lips then what it looks like. I think mine is the berry one and when I apply it, it's bright red. So the color is way off. Plus, it dries your lips!!! I always wear lip balm after using this. Other than that, I think it's okay. I won't be re-purchasing.

Good Quality!

This was my first Eco-Tools brush I ever purchased! And I was very pleased with it! The bristles are very soft and nice but one thing is that I wish it was a bit larger. Other than that, I'm very pleased.

It's decent for 99 cents

I have it in White. The thing about it is its not that creamy. I wish it was more creamy so it would go on smoother. Other than that, I think it's great for 99 cents.

Too wet?

I got this liner about a week ago. I tried it out on my hands and it was very good. But when I tried it on my eyes, it looked horrible! It takes forever to dry, and you don't have a lot of control on the brush. I would not re-purchase this again. I'm trying to use it up but everytime I apply it, it messes my eye makeup up.

Gives you a little coverage!

I love this powder! I use it along with my L'Oreal True match foundation but on days when I want a lighter feel, I use this powder and it gives a little coverage! I also love it because it sets my face and takes away the shine and oil on my face. I would recommend the powder or foundation to anyone with oily/combination skin!

Best Highlighting Blush EVER!

I received this blush in my June Birchbox and it's amazing! The moment I applied it, I couldn't believe my eyes! Honey Dipped instantly made me look happier! It may sound kind of funny but if you try it out, you will see! I think it looks great on all skin tones, I have a tan complexion but it seems like it also works for people with fair complexions! I really recommend this blush to anyone!

Great Quality Shadows!

I have the palette in "Neutral" and the pigmentation is great! Some of the shadows don't show and are a bit chalky but most of the colors are very nice and smooth! I would recommend this palette if you travel a lot because it's very small and easy to take along. I have many tutorials in my Back to school series using the palette! Just click on my beautylish page!

Amazing Pigmentation!

These shadows are amazing! The first time I swatched them, they blew my mind! I have the palette "Blue Had me at Hello" and the blues are the most pigmented blues I've ever seen! The feel of all the shadows are very nice. They have a soft, velvety feel to them. And with a good primer, they last all day! Watch my tutorial using this palette on my beautylish page! :)

I didn't see a Change

When I first saw this, I thought it would be good. It was the cheapest Nail strengthener out there so i decided to try it. I used it for a month or two but didn't see any changes to my nail strengthener or growth. I like how it gives your nails that perfect shine but if your looking for a good nail strengthener, this isn't the one.

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