Bamboo Foundation Brush

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Rebakah G.
Good foundation brush

This is a good brush and applies well. No shedding. I've been using the flat top brush for applying foundation it seems to leave less brush marks. Bought mine from the best prices on ecotools that I could find. Use code JTJ060 to get $10/$40 or $5 off anything less. Had my brushes within 3 days cross country!

Zoe-Lou Å.

This is one of the two first foundation brushes I use, but this is my favourite because it gives such a good even coverage and the bristles are so soft and never fall out! The only possible "downside" to it is that it gets clogged with foundation more easily than my other one so I have to wash it more (which isn't a bad thing because that's more hygienic).

I'd definitely recommend this!

Munchy B.
Love it!

I have never used foundation brushes before, only sponges and I decided to give it a try. I came across this brush in Boots and it wasn't cheap either. I decided to get it as I liked the whole Eco thing. I got home and used it and immediately fell in love with it. It is so soft and works so well with my foundation, the bristles haven't shed at all and it blends the foundation into my skin really well. I feel like this brush has changed to match the shape of my face as it is just so amazing!

Aga H.

So, I needed a new brush, but I didn't really have much money to spend on it. One day, I went to my drugstore and found the Ecotools brushes, which I've never ever heard of but it looked nice and was cheap. I hadn't expected anything too great but i was sooo surprized how good it is!

Dawn C.
Great for blending out concealer!

I use this brush to blend out my concealer and to apply foundation above my eyebrows and around my's the perfect size to get close under and around the eyes without accidently bumping into my eye makeup.

Ecotools has a great line of quality products for an unbeatable price. I'm glad that I scoured YT, MUA and this fabulous web-site for advice before wasting my money on more expensive d.s. brushes.

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Brenda B.
I love it!

I just recently bought this and I've been super excited to try it and when I finally had the chance I fell in love with it! It beautiful, good for the environment and a great brush for a good price. I honestly can not wait to continue buying the rest of their brushes and sets :D

Miss N.
Cheap and affordable!

I have MAC brushes and other "higher end" brushes but this is the one I grab for when blending out my concealer under my eye!

I have experienced no shedding at all.....this works perfectly for me!

Poppy T.
Good Quality!

This was my first Eco-Tools brush I ever purchased! And I was very pleased with it! The bristles are very soft and nice but one thing is that I wish it was a bit larger. Other than that, I'm very pleased.

Kalyn A.
Too small for foundation, but great for concealer!

I found this brush a little too small and not dense enough for foundation application, but it works like a dream for creamy concealers and for adding extra coverage to blemishes with powder foundation! It's really soft but still pretty stiff. Definitely worth the money.

Angela A.

This brush has done so much for me words could not express how I feel. I have seen magic appear within seconds of using this. I love using this brush for my highlighter or just to blend my shades. I would have to say 5 stars and it is worth every cent you spend on it!