Outlast Lipstain


Erica  S.
Not So Outlasting

I bought this shade for a dance performance thinking it would stay and by the end of the night it looked like my normal lip shade. I was not impressed. The other down fall of this product is that it seems to run out very quickly. Not worth the money I spent on it.

Alexa M.
Love the colour, but it bleeds!

I really like the colour of the stain, but this one bleed and smeared my lips. It was super lightweight, and I liked the colour, but it just bled everywhere. :( Maybe it's because I didn't use a liner? I don't know, but I'll finish this one, and I probably won't get another.

Felicia S.
Bad Color Payoff

I like the Cover Girl lip stain that has a doe-foot applicator and comes with a moisturizing topcoat. That being said, I do not like this product because the color payoff is terrible!!! Hardly any color goes onto your lips with this. It might be appropriate for younger girls that don't need intense pigments in their makeup. It doesn't seem to last like a real lip stain should blah :( it's a neat product idea to have a lip stain formula in a marker-type package but it did not work out for me. There are many other lip stain options in the drugstore that are affordable and work well.

Robyn S.
not my favorite

I've used many lip stains, and this one was disappointing. The taste was fine, but my lips were very dry, the color came off in the middle. I was expecting better.

Holly K.
Wasn't as good as I was expecting

I was really disappointed with this product. I used my lipstain once and then it dried up. I put the cap on right after I used it too. It also dried out my lips a lot which I was expecting but they became so dry they cracked and bled a little bit. I also wouldn't recommend this for people who may have some dry skin on their lips because this will emphasize how dry it is. This was a miss for me but if you have great lips that are never chapped or flaking then this will probably work great for you.

Candace P.

An inexpensive option for a decent lip stain. While this stain doesn't last as long as its competitors, I enjoy the color, the natural look it provides and it's non-drying.

MMay Y.
Never again!

I actually really really dislike this product! The stain tends to slip and settle in the cracks of my lips only and they were REALLY hard to remove even with a lip remover!

However, this is just how the product reacted with my lips. I know a whole bunch of people who loves this product so I'm guessing this products works for some and doesn't work for some.

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Rebecca L.
Beat my expectations.

I was waiting for this product to let me down, I'm usually not a fan of Cover Girl cosmetics. To my surprise, my color did last a while throughout the day. I had to reapply it once or twice, but I was eating and drinking the whole time. Not bad! As opposed to other stains I've tried, I like the applicator a lot. It allows for precise application, but isn't too pointy. No streaks when I apply, no pain, and the color is very buildable and even.

Victoria D.
Not Bad!

I actually really like these. To say it lasts all day is a stretch, I usually find myself re-applying once or twice if I wear this, but it goes on so smooth, and doesn't make my lips dry and patchy! It definitely stays even, and has buildable color. They are not as dry, and don't tug on your lip while you apply them. So much better than the Revlon Just Bitten LipStains!

Kleian Q.

I wasn't expecting much from it when I bought so I wasn't too disappointed. It seriously felt like I was using a texta/marker on my lips (although i think a marker would have worked better). I really liked how the colour turned out on my lips, but it didn't last very long.