Beauty Product Reviews

Best, Simple Moisturizer!

I have combo skin and this by far is the best moisturizer! Very cheap and affordable! It moisturizes my dry spots but mattifies my oily spots which is perfect! Gives me an even complexion unlike some other moisturizers that make some part of my face oily. If you have combo skin this is great for you. Do not recommend for dry skin because it might dry out your skin.

Alright Job

These pore strips do an alright job of removing my blackheads. It doesn't take all of them off which it a disappointment. Still pretty good for the price. The combo pack is the one I used. I really don't care for the face strips because the only place I have black heads are on my nose.

Looks super natural!

These were my first 'dramatic' pair of lashes. I have to say I'm very pleased! They are soft, super easy to apply, and look very natural! Also, very well made, I did re-use them twice and they seem to still be in good shape! Very affordable! Around $3 at Walmart. Totally recommend if looking for dramatic lashes that blend into your natural lashes very well.

Hate the way it feels in my hair

I really dislike this conditioner. After you put it on your hair while its wet, it feels like water in your hair and its hard to spread it through your hair. But after you wash it out, your hair is actually okay. Wouldn't recommend.

Cheap but does it's Job!

I love this dry shampoo! Its one of the cheapeast and I think it works very well! I see here that some people say it doesn't work. You have to spray then massage it into your scalp. That will do it. I use this every other day/ on days where I don't wash my hair. I also love the smell! Smells like grapefruits if you didn't know. I would recommend this item.

Great Blow Drying Creme!

This product is amazing! I use it everytime I blow dry my hair and it does it's job! Takes all the frizz out of my hair and leaves it silky smooth! Has a nice creamy texture to it. Use it in damp hair then blow dry and your hair will look gorgeous! :)

Does it's job!

I'm very pleased with this product! It was only $4 at Walmart so I decided to try it. It does absorb most if not all of the oil from your hair which is nice. The smell is also ok. It smells like baby powder or some sort of powder. Overall, I think it's great for the price. It also is a big can, lasted me about a month because I used it so much. (I've gone through 3 of these!!!)

Wayy too wet!

Way to wet! Weighs down my lashes. Takes like 10 minutes just to completely dry. They do nothing but clump my lashes. The brush/applicator is horrible. Can't believe I wasted $6 on this mascara and it sucks.

Ahhmazing stuff in this beautiful tube!

Just got this about a month ago and I've been using it ever since! It really gets all your lashes and gives it extra oomph! I dont have that much volume nor length to my lashes and this does the job PERFECTLY! I think I'll go get more after I finish. The only thing that I dont like is the scent. But I can live with that.

Doesn't do much =/

This doesn't do much. Its just like a typical cheap shampoo. I do really like the scent though. Smells like coconuts and a little of vanilla. Other than that, I wouldn't recommend it.

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