Suave Professionals

Dry Shampoo


Siera H.
best brand ever

this is my favorite dry shampoo ever. I go camping alot in the summer so I did test out quite a few dry shampoo's. most of them left my roots powdery and damp :(. I couldnt go camping without it :p I also love to use it the day after I straighten my hair so I can keep the look for just one more day :p

Kaylee P.
I was not a fan of this,

This dry shampoo had such an awful scent I could not use it, The smell was so strong it made me gag, It sprays extremely white and is really hard to blend,

Terissa G.
My favorite dry shampoo!

I've tried expensive dry shampoos and powders, but they either had a terrible smell or left a bad residue in my hair! This on the other hand is great! It does its job and leaves my hair soft and smelling great!

Delaney C.

I'm not a fan of it, it leaves my hair sticky (I do rub it in and shake the bottle!) and it stinks in my opinion. DOES NOT make my hair feel nice at all! I will not purchase this again

Emily O.

I tried this because I normally like Suave products but this didn't even do it's job. It didn't soak up any grease and left a white cast in my hair. Also, I don't care for the smell because it makes your hair smell like you used dry shampoo.

Mariah M.
not to good

eveytime I would use this my hair feels really greasy and gross! I would almost say that it does the exact opposite of what it should do. I stopped using this product after a week!!

Liz F.

This product smells very good... But that's about it. Yes it soaked up the excess oil but it was very drying and harsh on the hair. I would not recommend if you have dry,damaged or overly processed hair.

Esther P.

So I had been searching for some dry shampoo to really help me out when I straighten my hair....I heard a couple good things about this one, so I decided to try it. It was very awful for me. I have brown hair and when I first sprayed, the product came out very white so I thought let me shake it some more...nope still came out white. I then tried to brush it out and it became ever worse!! My hair looked like salt and pepper haha. Needless to say I wont be buying this anymore in the future...I was very sad because I like Suave products!

Jaelyn F.

This product is awful . Makes your hair sticky , grey , and super gross looking . Not worth the money , nor time of trying it . If your looking for a good dry shampoo , I recomend the Batiste ones !!

Gretchen V.
Don't bother

I bought this solely for the fact that it was on sale and I was in desperate need to find something new in-between washes. I'd say it was definitely a waste. In order to remove the oil you literally have to use 2/3 to 1/2 of the can to get any absorption. If you're hair just one dark color it will leave your hair dull.