Fructis Pure Clean Style Fortifying Condtioner


Ariana G.
Personal Fave

This is probably my favorite conditioner in the world. Smells amazing, great price, it is the only product I have used that keeps frizz away, and it's good for the enviroment!

Poppy T.
Hate the way it feels in my hair

I really dislike this conditioner. After you put it on your hair while its wet, it feels like water in your hair and its hard to spread it through your hair. But after you wash it out, your hair is actually okay. Wouldn't recommend.

Louise C.
It's ok

I love the smell and that it not watery. I don't like is how my hair feels after using it, but it's biodegradable. I pair it with the shampoo and the leave-in conditioner.

Dani M.

This conditioner is so much worse then the shampoo. Both did not smell good. I had to use twice the amount of the conditioner in order to get my hair soft and detangled. Even after the amount I had to use my hair was still tangled. My hair did not look shinny and healthy and was quick to become oily. Big no for me.