Moist 1 Liter Shampoo


Megan Y.
Ol' Reliable

I've tried so many shampoos and conditioners, but I always come back to this one and the conditioner. I will switch it up a little, but it's with other Aussie shampoos. I really love this one because it keeps the ends of my hair soft, doesn't make my roots oily, and rinses out clean. My hair smells amazing and I get a lot of compliments on it. By far my favorite shampoo!

Melissa S.
I like it

I don't know why people are giving this product such harsh reviews, to be quite honest, this is my favorite shampoo! I use it with the conditioner. Makes my hair feel soft and it makes my hair smell so yummy! Love!!!

Tommi R.

I love Aussie shampoo but not really the Moist one. It makes my hair feel frizzy and dry but it feels like it has humidity in my hair. I use Aussie shampoo and I love it. The ones that I use is Sydney smooth and Sun touched shine. They are my absolute favorite and they do wonders. I use all their hair products but none of their "Moist" products.

Andrea M.

I absolutely love this shampoo! I recently bleached the tips of my hair and of course they felt dry and nasty! I started using this shampoo and the conditioner and they work wonderfully! They leave your hair moisturized without weighing it down! I absolutely love it!

Carina C.

I told my boyfriend about it since every other shampoo made his hair dry/hay like. When he uses this his hair looks & feels so soft. It is inexpensive & it gives you a little bit over a months worth.

Angela V.

I really dont like this shampoo.. I bought it because it was on sale and I love the smell.. But it dried my hair out and made my hair flake.. I hate it when things make my head flake so I gave it away because I really didn't want to continue using it when I knew what the results would be all the time.

Poppy T.
Doesn't do much =/

This doesn't do much. Its just like a typical cheap shampoo. I do really like the scent though. Smells like coconuts and a little of vanilla. Other than that, I wouldn't recommend it.

Angela W.
It dries my hair out.

So much for moist.. it's really drying. I got a great deal on this huge bottle but now I know why- it's not a great product! I really only use it now when my hair hasn't been washed for a few days and has a lot of other products in in. It works pretty well for taking out the residue left by dimethicone based stuff but beyond that it just sits in my shower.

Ashlee G.

Just your average shampoo! It didnt add any extra moisture to my hair at all but to be fair no shampoo ever has. I have really dry unruly hair so maybe it just does not work for my hair type.