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I LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE! I have a collection of these! The colors are just so adorable and it comes in many different colors. What I like about it also is the packaging! I'm in love with the Gold and the Black combination! The pigmintation on it was rather impressive and it last for a pretty long time! I really like these lipsticks I always and have to look at them when I'm at the store! lol

I think that these lipsticks are just ordinary lipsticks... The packaging is rather interesting but I think that they will sell better if it was in PINK! The feel of it contained moisture and I love it so far.. I just currently and one but still debating rather if I should buy more. I think that the only thing that is stopping me from purchasing this product is the packaging, but don't misunderstand me I think that this color is a POP of color and really INTERESTING to own but pink will be better lol

I LOVE THESE LIPSTICKS! Why? because for one obvious reason, IT"S MATT! and I love that about it. I have those days where I don't want any shine on my lips and that's what it gave me with enought moisture in it as well. I currently have two, smoked peach and something pink? I want MORE! LOVE LOVE LOVE :)

This product is rather good the coverage is will impressed. You can actually tell this difference when you apply this foundation on. When I first applied it I noticed the difference completely and stopped using my other foundation and gave it to my sister, I think it was the Maybelline Dream something foundation, but overall this foundation it worth buying and trying!

I just bought this product and when I first applied it, it was really smooth and felt like lotion but be sure to blend really fast because it doesn tend to dry rather quick. Right now, 2 hours later, my face feels the same and looks pretty good. The reason for my rating was because I think that there maybe some other drugstore primers that are better than this... But I will still definately reuse this again.

My face didn't really bond with this product nor did my nose.. The smell bothered me the first time I tried it and I convinved myself that I'll get use to it, but I didn't. The coverage is overall just average there wasn't anything that made me feel like I should put it on as much as my other drugstore foundation. It's just currently sitting on my counter right now and maybe... I'll try it again?? Still bothered by the smell though

I love this product! compared to the Loreal ones they aren't as oily feeling and all but the one that I love the most, currently wearing it now, is called Sweet Tart. Just to mention it Revlon also have a nail polish called Sweet Tart lol I just found out when I was diggin through my nail polishes yesterday :)

I really like this product. I think that it's a really good foundation for normal skin types. It applies on really smoothly, with my sonia kashuk foundation brush (found at target). Right now I'm in the mood of trying foundations and this is one of the drugstore foundations that I adore. It is a pretty light coverage, when I applied on this foundation and examine myself in the mirror, I was pretty impressed I could tell the difference in my face. It looks so smooth and clean. I am in NC 40 in mac so Fit Me foundation for me is 235 :)

Don't know much to say about this product. It is the fact that I dislike the packaging, one day I threw this product in my purse and when I took it out, these little back dirt was stick oto the product so I stopped using it. Then I realized there must be a crack somewhere for the dirt to be able to get inside. Then I found it where the opening begins.

When I first discovered makeup, this foundation was the only i've only used, yet it was the only one I have ever tried. When I noticed that ever time I put this foundation on I felt sticky and it just felt really weird I stopped using that foundation, gave it all to my sister and now currently using revlons colorstay foundation.

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