Moon Drops Creme Lipstick


Su L.
Blase Apricot

The Revlon Moon Drops Creme lipsticks are great! I have the color Blase Apricot and I will be purchasing tons more in the near future. This lipstick has a GREAT staying power and I am infamous for never having my lipstick last just because I'm so unaware of when it comes off when I'm doing other things throughout my day. But this lipstick really does wonders! As for the conditioning power... I wouldn't say it's very conditioning. It has a nice, smooth texture to it but I find myself always needing to put chapstick on or after I put the lipstick on just because I don't like the feeling I have while it's on my lips. But other than that, I have absolutely no complains about this lipstick! It's a definite keeper in my book!

Lacey B.

I only have one color, Blase Apricot, which at the time was the only color I owned of that variety. It's a gorgeous color. I had trouble wearing it at first because of the smell (smells strongly of talcum powder or something), but I've gotten used to it. I'm glad, because I really like the color and the formula.

Kaoma V.

I think that these lipsticks are just ordinary lipsticks... The packaging is rather interesting but I think that they will sell better if it was in PINK! The feel of it contained moisture and I love it so far.. I just currently and one but still debating rather if I should buy more. I think that the only thing that is stopping me from purchasing this product is the packaging, but don't misunderstand me I think that this color is a POP of color and really INTERESTING to own but pink will be better lol