PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Makeup


Emily  M.
it's pretty good.

I used to use this a lot a couple of years ago, when I first started off with makeup. I love how it blends, and the shades are nice. the only reason I gave it 3 stars, is because it is very shimmery, and I can't stand shimmery foundations. other than that it's not bad.

Pily C.
Not that bad, not that good

I have a complete week using it, and it hasn't make me break out, and I am in acne treatment right now, the issue is that at first the product pops out a lot when pumping, and the first try I didn't liked it, the second day I used a little less and applied it with a sponge it got well blended. The good thing about this foundation is that covers the little scars of acne, matches my skin tone, last from 5 am to 5 pm perfectly, the shimmering is not an issue for me, and it didn't look like carton.

I wanted to like it so badly

This was easy to blend & I could even get the hang of the pump. But it was just so watery. Yes, it did feel like I wasnt wearing any make up, but once I started to break a sweat just a liiiiittle bit... one of my guy-friends pointed out that he could see my make up dripping and that was so embarrassing for me. When it comes to foundations, I absolutely hate it when people can tell I'm using it. It's just a red flag for me. Also, I have large pores and the shiny stuff in it didn't make me feel any better about it. I actually felt like it was accentuating my large pores. It also smells really bad.

Kira L.

I heard this didn't have a very good coverage but I thought it would be nice to try for summer and would give me a nice light and glowy finish. I just don't think I was expecting to have so little of coverage. I also found that it got a little oily which is strange for my skin which is slightly dry. If your skin is pretty even and flawless already I could see you liking this to give some glow to the skin, but other than that I wouldn't recommend it. Hope this helps :)

Lisa W.
Best foundation hands down

I tried this because it was on sale, and now I'm addicted to Revlons photo ready and airbrush anything. This covers my skin so well and doesn't leave my face looking cakey or oily. I love love love love this foundation!

Tya D.
Loved it

Absolutely adored it. I don't have any pimples just light freckles and it covered those really well. If you need a heavier coverage I suggest something else but it's perfect for me. It matches my skin tone perfectly and doesn't leave an oily look after. The only thing I didn't like about it was the fact that it has sparkles in it which stand out a tiny bit in the sun. I don't really mind looking like Edward Cullen though. :)

Sadie K.

OMG This product is the worst foundation Ive ever tried. It oxidized the moment I pumped it out of the bottle, the pump is nice but the product sprays out so much and you can't control it when it comes out and its really messy. The formula is terrible, it is extremely greasy and settles into any pores or on acne and makes it worse. This entire product was a complete miss for me.

Caitlyn V.

The product as a whole is a total miss for me. When I pumped a little on my hand as it bubbled it started burning! I applied it with a stippling brush and it just faded into my skin, and not in a comfortable way. I could tell it was making my pores more noticeable and my skin was reacting to it. It broke me out and gave me a rash. Total waste of time and money

Naomi M.

I used to love this as it matches my skin really well, but I just hate the pumps! It is hard to control the amount you want to get out of it.

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Kelly K.

Not my favorite foundation..but its not too bad. I usually mix this product with Revlon's photo ready foundation. The only real issue i've had is when you press the pump..product just keeps coming out so i've wasted about 3 applications!