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I'm a huge fan of hair oils seeing as my hair is naturally pretty dry and thick so when I saw this for only $4 at Sally's I bought it on a whim. I had just ran out of the expensive moroccan oil one so I wanted to compare the two. Much to my surprise, this works just as good as the moroccan oil! You only need a little and your hair will be left super silky soft and with incredible shine. Definitely recommend.

This is the worst foundation I have ever used. I have very sensitive, acne prone skin so I thought this would be a great way to use makeup and help control breakouts, WRONG. This dried me out like crazy and broke me out. I have really oily skin so the fact that this foundation dried out my skin like it did is terrible. And because my skin dried out so much, it started breaking out. I wanted to like this because my skin looked matte and fresh the entire day but at what cost. Sadly this was a huge miss for me.

I've only been using this foundation for about a week and a half but so far it is AMAZING. This foundation has potential to be my new holy grail foundation because it provides amazing coverage without looking like you have anything on and this does not set! It also lasts forever! I have oily skin so its hard for me to find a great foundation and this keeps my skin matte all day ! It has a light, airy, mousse texture that just disappears into the skin. Applied with a damp beauty blender you will get an airbrushed look. Feels very light on your face like you're not wearing anything and looks super natural. I have huge pores and acne/acne scars and this does a wonderful job of masking it without making me look like I am wearing ten pounds of makeup. If this doesn't break me out it will be my HG! Highly recommend this to people searching for the perfect foundation with medium-full coverage and oily skin.

This is the best moisturizer I have ever used! I am already on my second jar. First off, I have combination skin with breakouts on my cheeks and this is one of the only moisturizers that doesn't break me out or irritate my sensitive skin.This has a calming/cooling effect on your face and for me it even brightens my face and reduces redness! It has a floral scent which I love and is what led me to buy the product in the first place but it can be annoying to people who are sensitive to that kind of stuff.To apply this I first spray my face with my Evian mineral water spray because this helps your skin absorb more of the product, then I use a tiny amount as a little goes a long way with this. I feel its very concentrated so while the jar may appear small it has lasted me almost 6 months. I use this in the morning and on days I wear makeup I use it as primer and my skin has never looked better! Chanel never fails me!

Sets horribly.

This is like a liquid powder foundation that dries to powdery look. While it has great oil control and the color matched me fairly well, I would only recommend this to people who have close to perfect skin. After a couple hours this set horribly into my pores and my face looked extremely cakey. Its one of those foundations that looks better on people with seemingly no pores on their face. Even on the days that I would apply this with a wet sponge and hardly use any product, it magnified my pores. It looks great until about 3 hours later.I had to return it.

seriously there is nothing chanel can't do. this perfume is so perfect for everyday and special occasions. it has a sweet floral scent thats the best way i can describe it. i absolutely love it. i feel so girly when i wear

sadly this was a miss for me because everytime i would use it (even with primer) it had no long lasting effect on me. halfway throughout the day i noticed it would clump or i'd get fall out. my lids are a bit oily after awhile but i've tried better gel liners since this.

for me this was just a good sunblock. I used a matte foundation over it and my face would look oily halfway throughout the day. my face isn't even that oily just my t-zone but this product made certain parts of my face oilier than usual. don't know if its just me. i really wanted to like it.

love this product not only because it smells amazing (i wish they made a perfume out of this) but it makes my hair so shiny and look healthy without weighing it down or making it greasy. my hair is more on the thick side and it has gotten dry from dying over the years so this helps it look healthy after styling it.

i used this for about a month.i really wanted to like this product i really did. the finish is natural and the coverage was okay. but as with all drugstore foundations, its lasting power isn't that great. this is probably great for people who don't have oily skin as my face would look like an oil spill after an hour and even looked a little oxidized. my skin is only a little bit oily so i can't imagine how this would look on people who have very oily for acne, this didn't make a difference in my face. i wasn't expecting it to as the percentage is small and there are also other ingredients in the bottle which i feel outweigh the benefits of the salicylic acid.i would recommend this to someone who doesn't have oily skin.

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