Skin Clearing Liquid Makeup


Meagan  M.

I was not a fan of this product. Of course I didn't hold the name "skin clearing" with a lot of stock. But I was hoping it wouldn't be as oily as neutrogena healthy skin. I used it a few times and it actually made me break out more. I continued with healthy skin instead but I got rid of this product as soon as possible.

Stephanie J.
My go-to foundation!

Love this product! I've been using it for years. Helps keep my acne at bay and reduces shine. Stays all day, doesn't feel like you're wearing a mask, allows skin to breathe.

Lily J.

i used this for about a month.i really wanted to like this product i really did. the finish is natural and the coverage was okay. but as with all drugstore foundations, its lasting power isn't that great. this is probably great for people who don't have oily skin as my face would look like an oil spill after an hour and even looked a little oxidized. my skin is only a little bit oily so i can't imagine how this would look on people who have very oily for acne, this didn't make a difference in my face. i wasn't expecting it to as the percentage is small and there are also other ingredients in the bottle which i feel outweigh the benefits of the salicylic acid.i would recommend this to someone who doesn't have oily skin.

Jen P.

I really love this foundation and have been using it for years! It definitely does help acne a bit if you keep using it, the coverage is good, and it lasts a while. The only issue I have is that after wearing it for a while, my skin starts to feel greasy and it gets shiny.

Emilie N.
Its okay..

I like this foundation but its coverage its light/medium. Over time it works for acne but it defiantly doesn't work right away. I do recommend this, but make sure you have the right color! The first one i got looked like the right color, but it was no where near my shade. I tried to blend it in, but it diddnt work so well. Other than that its pretty good!

Lindsey F.

I have used this foundation for about nine months. I love it. It clears my blemishes and helps keep my skin clear. I don't have as many break outs as i used to. It isn't a great cover up, it's is pretty thin and sheer but it does help my skin.

Katie P.

This is one of the best foundations I have ever used. It's medium/full coverage. I don't even have to wear concealer ! It gives your skin this dewy glow, and evens your tone out so your skin looks flawless. Its about twelve dollars in almost any drug store, but its well worth it.

Evelyn R.

i used to use this foundation priror to switching to colorstay and still use it just cuz i still have some left. only thing with this is that it dries you out and it does not last very long. skin starts looking blotchy.

AlmostStylish X.

I cant say that it has cleared my skin but it hasnt made me breakout so thats a plus! I also like how the formula is very sheer, it isnt heavy like other foundations for acne prone skin, they cover by blanketing the skin in a layer of color while this one nicely blends the imperfections.. I use this daily but want to look for something with a bit more coverage for photo ops and parties..

Carolyn Z.

I absolutely love this foundation! I was able to find the perfect match for my skin, and I actually have seen my skin clear up since I started using this. But sometimes it does feel like I'm putting a lot of it on. I wouldn't say that it lasts well throughout the day though, sometimes if I touch my face I see it on my fingers.