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I freaking love this thing,Ive been using this for pretty much a little over 5 years. sometimes I can just do a tinted moisturizer ,MUFE HD powder, and My Maybelline colossal volum express and be out the door. It gives a great define volum look to your lashes. Highly recommended.

Oh yeah baby thats the stuff!!!

For this to be so cheap, it is neck in neck with my make up forever HD powder. Im telling you E.L.F is really winning me over. I used a tinted moisturizer and set it with the HD powder and my face has never felt so smooth and light weight. So far it has lasted me all day and it stops my face from oiling up.

these are fun

I dont have many, but I have done a lot of different look with it and it does seem to do the job, when used with a mixing medium it shows beautiful flawless color. some of the shimmers are better used with a mixing medium because without it, it may have that shattered glass look over your eyes... not cute


its good to have an affordable nail polish with one coat the color is bright and beautiful. you dont need a lot to get a lot. I use it when I do marbling nails. if you dont want to waste a lot of money, these are a really good buy

So Smooth I can use it on my new born

I had a baby in may so she is still really young ,but her skin broke out and was really dry and itchy. I tried all the baby products until her doctor told me to try Aquaphor and it worked like a charm. Her skin is clearing right up and It even works for me. i love it. great buy

It works for me

It takes everything off. My water proof make up doesnt stand a chance against this stuff. The only thing that raises an eye brow for me is it says oil free but ummmmm it looks and feels like there is oil in it. I wash my face after i use it any ways but still, dont say it if its not true.

It does what it says

My skin is combination, so moisturizers need to keep my skin hydrated with out oiling up later.I feel this product makes it so my skin isnt to dry but isnt oily. Others that i have used have made my skin feel heavy and to oily, which resulted in nasty un wanted POP UPS .... as i like to call them. lol

The Best!

Hey hey hey!!!! smooth skin. MAAAAAANNNN when I am done with my day , this stuff gets the job done boy I tell you!!! I notice that when I dont wash my face, what ever un wanted pop up i get, this stuff gets rid of it almost right away.

Its OK

I dont really feel like I have to have this . I need something that is going to pull out black heads and not just dead skin. I feel like it only gripped the ones that were sticking out. I might try it again but Idk.

It Doesnt foam right away like I thought.

You really have to work it into your face for it to start bubbling up. I will say however that it does seem to get what my regular face wash misses. I use the Loreal 360 and it has the little brush to scrub. When the soap turns white I figure all my make up is gone and Im done. well I used the wave and it picked up all the dirt and make up I still had on my face. Def. worth the buy.

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