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Oct 02, 2013

Lehi I.

Hi carli :)

Oct 02, 2013

Lehi I.

Thnk you so much Kiki! You're very gorgeous as well!

Aug 23, 2013

Carli G.


Feb 10, 2013

Lehi I.

Hi Ashley. I think your right.I'm not sure what happend but even the comment of her are gone on my profile.Well whoever she/he is they must really be bored creating accounts and making fun of people.

Feb 08, 2013

Ashley A.

Hey a while ago, I posted on erica p's profile, and I said somehting like when are you going to make youtube videos, and you said something along the lines of I wouldnt want to watch her videos she is a bully. Well if you check out her profile, she took everything down and even her photos of herself and changed her name to Tyler B..? She was probably a fake person posting pictures that were not of her/him.

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Lehi I.

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I love alot of things, makeup is not one of them. But beauty comes with a price.

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