Limited Edition Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Lipstick

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Kimberly E.
Beautiful long wearing color for those who go bold

This is a great color for those who like to go bold. I'm a sucker for pink lips. I love this lipstick because the color goes with many skin tones and it's long lasting. I put it on and go.

Nikki Z.
Just not my cup of tea

I love MAC lipsticks and I originally wasn't planning on getting this lipstick but was feeling adventurous but the color is just a little to "Barbie Pink" for me. It really is a super pretty color and maybe in the summer when I am tan I might dabble in it a bit more but all in all, it's way to strong and not wearable for me. Doesn't mean it's not a great product, you just have to love bright and bold lips.

Caro B.

I love this product ! i have in three diferent colours . Love this colour. Never thought it would suit my skin tone but surprisingly with the right look and the right make-up it looks stunning.

Giselle S.

I purchased this after I saw it on Nicki. Its a gorgeous color, but beware, you have to adjust it to your skin color. On Nicki it looks great, but on my lighter skin it doesn't look as good if I apply it at full color. It is a light color so light on light look horrible. I have to dap it on until I cover all of my lip, this way I only apply a thin layer. But once I do that the color is gorg! I have it on in my profile pic.

Monique C.
One of my Favourite Colours from MAC

Love this colour. Never thought it would suit my skin tone but surprisingly with the right look and the right make-up it looks stunning. Not really a day time lipstick for me but it never fails in photos or for a night look. You MUST use a moisturizer on you lips first like EOM or Mac Lip treatment.

Theresa G.
Love it!

I had bought this when I went to Cancun a couple of months back. I couldn't find it no where in NY. So when I came across it in Mexico I bought 2. I really forgot about it until recently. I really love this color. A vibrant pink by its self and can be toned down with another color. It really is one of a kind and if I can get my hands on more I deffinitly would buy more back ups.

Michele N.
Lip Service

I use this lipstick with pink lip glosses that I have. I started using it with my night moth lip pencil as well.. I'm trying to be more into the pink thing, so I will keep laying with it, to come up with more combos to see if I like it even more...

Alecx R.
Barbie's Favorite

The looks of this product isn't only for the label "Nikki Minaj" but also, it quite proportional to Barbie's lip-color! The color is really great! I would highly recommend this to a lady with a girly characteristics! :) :p

Kala T.

i Love this is color, i think its the perfect color pink and it works with any skin tone!!! MAC lipsticks are just amazing anyway,but it goes on smooth and lasts a good lil while

Charm W.

I really love this bubblegum pink lipstick. On me it is not as bright of a pink. I put one layer on and then a lipgloss in the same shade for that extra slick/glossy feeling.