Limited Edition Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Lipstick


Tatiana T.
This was made to wear for the night life! ;)

Such a fun color! Definitely one to get use to. Goes well with a natural finish on face, neutral colors with a pop of pink on the lips. Most times I'll wear it alone, if i want to soften the color just a bit, I'll apply a nude color on lips first then viva glam nicki right over. Or line lips with MAC bare lip liner.

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Brianna R.

Not a fan at all. I'm not a big fan on having frosty pink hooker lips! The only way I got this to work is by adding a darker pink lipliner to it. Eh, its OK ;/

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Giselle S.

I purchased this after I saw it on Nicki. Its a gorgeous color, but beware, you have to adjust it to your skin color. On Nicki it looks great, but on my lighter skin it doesn't look as good if I apply it at full color. It is a light color so light on light look horrible. I have to dap it on until I cover all of my lip, this way I only apply a thin layer. But once I do that the color is gorg! I have it on in my profile pic.

Theresa G.
Love it!

I had bought this when I went to Cancun a couple of months back. I couldn't find it no where in NY. So when I came across it in Mexico I bought 2. I really forgot about it until recently. I really love this color. A vibrant pink by its self and can be toned down with another color. It really is one of a kind and if I can get my hands on more I deffinitly would buy more back ups.

Alecx R.
Barbie's Favorite

The looks of this product isn't only for the label "Nikki Minaj" but also, it quite proportional to Barbie's lip-color! The color is really great! I would highly recommend this to a lady with a girly characteristics! :) :p

Kala T.

i Love this is color, i think its the perfect color pink and it works with any skin tone!!! MAC lipsticks are just amazing anyway,but it goes on smooth and lasts a good lil while

Donna T.

This lipstick is everything I want it to be. The color is PERFECT for my skin tone. I'm pretty white, lighter than MAC's NC15, and this lipstick is fantastic. I actually haven't seen a skin tone that this didn't go with. The formulation is up to par with the rest of their lipsticks; long lasting, smells great, dries down to a really great stain after a while.

Amanda B.

This is my go to lips stick. I wear it just about everyday. Its a beautiful color. Love pink.Its great for work during the day and still awesome for girls night out on the town. I am going to have to stock up on it being limited addition and all. I am very pleased with this

Caro B.

I love this product ! i have in three diferent colours . Love this colour. Never thought it would suit my skin tone but surprisingly with the right look and the right make-up it looks stunning.

Charm W.

I really love this bubblegum pink lipstick. On me it is not as bright of a pink. I put one layer on and then a lipgloss in the same shade for that extra slick/glossy feeling.