A Makeup Brand Makes Finding Your Foundation Match Even Easier


Anyone remotely into beauty is always on the quest for foundation greatness, and for some, Cover FX has become their go-to for skin perfection. Known for their natural yet incredibly full-coverage finish, we're happy to announce the brand has streamlined their shade-matching system for the better. Now organized into three undertones instead of four—pink, neutral, and gold—it's much easier to find a perfect foundation match. And with over 20 colors ranging from alabaster to deep, that's a blessing anyone who ever scratched their head at the makeup counter.

The brand also expands beyond their Total Cream Foundation and into the powder range. Micronized matte and illuminating setting powders feel completely translucent against the skin, and their new pressed mineral foundation is among some of the densest powder foundations we've come across. Since the products are so rich in pigment, we always recommend moisturizer or primer underneath. But don't worry—they've got that covered too

Cover FX Total Cream Foundation, $42, Pressed Mineral Foundation, $35, Matte Setting Powder, $32, Illuminating Setting Powder, $32, Blotting Powder, $24, now available online at beautylish.com.

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