Beauty Product Reviews

Great colors!

I love these pearl pigments! They are super inexpensive at my local beauty supply, so well worth it! While they are extremely pigmented, the only downfall (and the reason for a less than 5 star review) is the packaging. If you haven't depotted these pigments into a more convenient container, it can and eventually will get really messy.

Great for everyday wear!

I've been in love with the Greed Icon palette since Wet and Wild released it! For me, it's such a great everyday office look! I use the matte peachy/pinky shade all over my lid, highlight under my eyebrow slightly with the lightest shade, light eyeliner and mascara and I'm out the door! Super cute and simple for those mornings when I'm racing against the clock! Wet and Wild has come a long way from when I was in high school! A definite improvement in quality, at a consistently reasonable price! Way to go W & W!


I'll try any crackle polish, I definitely don't feel the pressure to remain monogamous with my OPI shatter, but this was possibly the worst one yet! I bought it in Snow Blast (white) and I honestly feel like I wasted my money! The formula seems to be to thick, leading to excessive clumping and an overall crappy looking crackle. Also the bottle I purchased doesn't seem to close all the way, which caused it to dry out like crazy. I won't be purchasing this brand of crackle polish anymore, i'd much rather buy the off brand from my local beauty supply store!

From sparse to FANTASTIC!!!

I have very sparse eyebrows, so filling then in sometimes can be a chore. I use the Maybelline Define a Brow in medium brown and dark brown, and I top them off with this ELF Eyebrow powder (dark and medium). By mixing the 2 shades it gives my brows a great fade look from inner to outer brow, making them look really natural! The powder works really well to camoflauge those areas that seem to be, shall I say, growth challenged! LOL! Definitely a great product, especially for the price point!

As someone who changes my nail polish constantly, I must say Seche Vite is a must! It's super shiny, and seems to dry all the way down to the base coat in a matter of a min or so. The only thing is that after a while it gets really thick, almost to the point of needing some nail polish thinner to thin it out. Although you should take in to consideration that the formula is a little on the thick side to begin with.

Not quite sure what to think....

Honestly I don't know if I'm putting to much on, or if it's just not right for my skin tone, but whenever I attempt to use this HD powder, I look extremely ghostly. Any suggestions?

Oily skin = TRAGEDY!!!

I purchased this product in hopes of finding my soul mate foundation....WRONG! I have very oily skin, and this foundation did not help that situation at all! Yes it does give a dewy finish, and yes it blends nicely, but if you have combo to oily skin, you end up looking like you put vaseline all over your face! A little dramatically descriptive, maybe, but that's the best way I can describe it! Long story oily skinned ladies, RUN far away!

Great product!

I have used this primer for some time now, (about 2-3 yrs maybe), and it has always worked well for me! Dare I say that I like the formula just a little bit better than the Urban Decay Primer Potion?! **GASP!** Lol! No really, for the price and the consistency in quality, it will always be a part of my makeup arsenal!

Great drugstore cleanser!

Earlier this year (Spring time), I was experiencing ALOT of breakouts! I was in a pinch financially, but wanted to try something that hopefully would clear my skin up for a fraction of what these pricer brands were offering. This cleanser did just that! I have very oily skin, and I have tried other brands that stripped all the oils from my face completely (which is a huge task! LOL!), and my face felt parched! After using this, my face felt clean and refreshed! It didn't take long for my face to clear up (approx 1 1/2 wk), and I was honestly impressed! I talked briefly about this product in my Spring Favs 2011 video. Sooooo, all that being said, ha ha, it's a great product!

Love it!

i have used many drugstore cleansers before, and none of them compare to Purity! I wear a lot of waterproof eyeliner, and mascara pretty much everyday, and Purity cleanses perfectly for me everytime! I used to think it was kinda pricey for a face wash, but it's SO well worth the $! I have very oily skin, so i used to hate using a makeup remover that SAID oil free, but it just felt like I was slapping oil all over my face! As long as it continues to deliver great results, I will be a loyal customer!

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