Marc Jacobs



Angel B.

I purchased daisy a couple months ago i love the smell but its VERY light and because its so light i find that it does not last long and i have to re apply perfume. Over all the smell is lovely.. would i purchase again? Probably Not.

Claire G.
Great spray, odd solid.

I LOVE Daisy! This is the very best perfume I have ever used and, after 3 years of daily wear, I still love the fresh scent of the spray!

However, I have the solid perfume ring and it smells a bit off. It's not bad, and I certainly still keep it in my purse at all times for a quick refresher; but, I do not recommend solely wearing the solid perfume for the simple fact that it does not smell quite as lovely as the spray.

Nonetheless, I'm in love with Daisy and it would take a serious intervention to make me stop wearing this wonderful scent!

Carolyn H.
Makes me feel girly :)

I have the little necklace one. And not only was it a cute accessary but it smells sooo gooood. I really love this perfume- maybe one day i'll buy the full sized lol