LashBlast Waterproof Mascara


Ana B.
Okay mascara

The brush is really big so it's really easy to get it all over your eyelids. I have to take my time putting it on just to avoid that. It can hold a curl for almost a whole day. This mascara will give you decent volume and definition. I don't feel like it gives my medium eyelashes any length though. It wasn't as waterproof as I would like it to be. Once my eyes start tearing up, my eyelashes clump together and the mascara flakes off. This mascara really BURNS if you get it in your eyes, just a warning. Overall, I would consider this a daytime mascara. Also, it can be clumpy depending on how you apply it.

Sara Isabel G.
Accessible price and great results

I really like this product. I went to do a back to school drugstore makeup haul so I wouldn't wear out the rest of my makeup, I chose this mascara thinking that I would need a waterproof mascara for my physical education classes and I ended up loving it. It gives length and volume to my lashes and I never get raccoon eyes in the end of the day. Also, as the color says it, I get my lashes to be very black. I'm not a big fan of the brush but I like it. I do recommend this product :)

Pamela K.
didn't like the brush

I tried lash blast when it first came out. I was sadly disappointed. The brush didn't make my lashes grab a lot of the product and I ended up giving it to my sister. I've had better luck with both high end and other drugstore mascaras.

Karen H.
Lasts on oily lids!

I have oily eyelids and a lot of mascaras smudge on me. Since I wear contacts, I always use waterproof mascara. This mascara does a great job of staying on my lashes instead of ending up on the skin below my eyes. There's some minor smudge after 5 hours but it's not a big deal. I'd recommend this mascara as well as the CG lashexact waterproof mascara, which is more lengthening than volumizing.

Kalynn K.

I really like this product, I've known about this product for a long time as the mascara in the fat orange tube. When I actually finally decided to try it, I fell in love. At the end of the day, I don't see any flakes or smudges on my cheeks. When I came home from the rain, i didn't see any raccoon eyes in the mirror. Also, they make your lashes longer and a bit defined but also natural too.

Christina D.
Best waterproof formula out there!

This product is great in both formulas, but I prefer the waterproof because I live in sunny California and am always either sweating or near water of sometime. This is the only mascara that is 100% waterproof and doesn't come off unless you want it to. You may need a makeup remover that specializes in waterproof mascara (may I suggest Sonia Kashuk from Target), but with a little time, it will surely come off. I always buy my mascara in the blackest color they have, and this one is just as black as any mascara. It volumizes, separates, and lengthens my lashes more than any other mascara I've ever tried. Truly the best mascara in the universe!

Kaylah A.
Good go to drugstore mascara.

I would have to say out of all the drugstore mascaras ive tried this ones my favourite. i dont use it anymore because i love the MUFA Smokey Lash WAAAAY too much BUT if i had to give up the smokey lash id go to this one for sure. it lasts a long time, its pigmented and gives you gorgeous long seperated lashes.

Michelle G.
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

So, I could NEVER find a mascara that was good enough for my budget, and when I found this mascara, I decided to try it out bc my mom wears it and she recommended it to me. I got the duo package which came with the mascara and eyeliner, i believe it was called perfect liner, I'll write a review on that later, but I love it! It doesnt clump my eyelashes, and it separates them a whole lot! It is difficult to remove, so I have to remove it with an oil based eye makeup remover, but that's why its called WATERPROOF mascara. It keeps your lashes curled all day, and if you have long eyelashes like me, they will look amazing and voluminous with this mascara. You should definitly buy it, it does what it says it will! I really like it, will definitely repurchase, I love itttttttt!

Jocelyne R.

I rarely ever use mascara, but when I do, I always reach for this stuff. It really doesn't spread all that easy, but it's not bad if you have a lash comb. This stuff is very very waterproof though. I pick at it throughout the day and it's still tough to get out at the end of the day! I'm very impatient when it comes to simple tasks like taking off my makeup, so if it's not quick and easy to put on or take off, it's really really worth it.

Brittany L.

This is an Average Mascara to me. I have it in the shade Black 830. It doesn't spred very easy on your lashes and tends to clump alot. when it says " waterproof" It really means it. You will need to use a waterproof eye makeup remover or it just simpoly will not come of. I dont mind using it but I just wont buy it again I have found much better quality mascaras for so much cheaper